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Just when you thought Your Daily 12HoursEssay could not possibly get any better.

Just when you thought Your Daily 12HoursEssay couldn’t possibly get any better, we exceed your expectations again…announcing new stuff! 

Your Daily is proud to announce that we will be adding awesome articles to our awesome roster. Expect us to maintain the same stratospheric quality of videos and photos. The difference is now we have articles too! The articles we choose are guaranteed to amuse, entertain, motivate, demotivate and inspire, same as always. 

Your Daily 12HoursEssay happily announces the addition of an awesome bunch of articles to our awesome home at At, there is a dedicated editorial team of Internet aficionados behind Your Daily 12HoursEssay. We tirelessly troll the deep recesses of the Internet to bring you the weirdest, the oddest, the strangest, the funniest, the ghastliest, the kookiest, the most off the wall, the most hilarious, the most jaw dropping and the most entertaining videos and photos that the great big web has to offer. Now we are adding articles that speak to the light side of college life – news of the weird, the wacky, the unexpected, the outrageous, the inebriated and the naked – not necessarily in that order. 

The folks behind Your Daily 12HoursEssay are always on the lookout for stellar awesome content. At, we’ve been at it since 2003, and we have gotten really good at spotting exciting content with high entertainment value and compiling it for the pleasure and entertainment of our many visitors over the years. We are proud to say that at Your Daily 12HoursEssay, we have successfully built up a place where all the ridiculous, hysterical and fantastical treasures of the Internet gather to keep you motivated, entertained and focused while you study, procrastinate, think, explore and then go back to studying. So we decided it was time to add entertaining and amusing articles to our existing content. Your Daily 12HoursEssay now offers a wider selection of amusing articles from all over the world. Now you can expect to see articles that highlight the fun part of college life. These articles will continue the tradition of providing  pure entertainment for students while they work as well as while they play. Expect to see some great articles coming your way soon! 

About 12HoursEssay: - the ultimate entertainment resource for anyone who's into all of the Internet goodness! The resource was created and is under the patronage of 12HoursEssay! staff agrees that in order to work hard on your education, you have to be able to relax properly and have fun, all while you're at the computer! That's the point behind 12HoursEssay! Your entertainment, refined by our staff for your convenience! We gather tons of cool stuff from all around the web: cool pictures, awesome infographics, videos and more! Our editorial staff hand picks the best bits of daily Internet entertainment and gives it all to you!

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