34 children want to go to school this June to learn, draw and write. Their admission cost is Rs. 500 each. Help them enjoy childhood!

My Street School - Learn and let Learn

Our Aim: Invest in good deeds. Invest in 34 genuine smiles.

Hey investors, as we all know, the month of June is here. Do you remember many of us, as a child, desperately waited for this month?

The excitement this month beholds for children is no secret; the rains! Jumping in puddles! The pride of moving up to the next grade! The month of "re-opening of our schools - Being back to school friends, school crushes, school fun, getting new pens, pencils, books, uniforms and last but not the least NEW PRANKS!

But!!! What if, all of a sudden in the middle of your excitement, you were made to withdraw your name from your school because of no money for admission? What if you would have been told that you can't ‘move up to the next grade’ this year because of "no money for admission?" What if you were told, you can't continue education because of... "No money for admission"!!!

SAD!!! VERY SAD! Isn’t it? So would you want some other child to go through this sadness? Would you want any innocent smile to be the victim of "no money for admission"?

Here's a chance to support such children who are underprivileged and thus are not able to take admission in school.

My appeal to you is to help me help these children get an admission this June-July at Umang learning center by giving whatever you can. The cost of admission per child is Rs. 500. That's it! This admission cost will help the Umang Foundation Trust to give annual teacher’s salary, rent of the learning center, general maintenance etc.

A good deed in world of “Nothing comes for free” needs funding to survive! And these children are in need of such deeds.

Please help us get all the 34 children of Umang Foundation back to school and let them have the same fun as you did.

Give whatever you can. I am not demanding your time, I know it's very precious. I am just requesting you to invest a small part of your monthly pay.

Your big contribution can make a child get what she/he deserves.

Still thinking??? Answer these two simple questions:

1) Are you earning more than Rs. 10,000? Or is your pocket money more than Rs. 1000 per month?

2) If not Rs. 500 then can't you invest at least Rs. 50?

Don't follow the traditional mindset of donating as a big charity after retirement. Be a philanthropist in 20's! Start investing in smiles!

Invest in good deeds and earn some karma points along with your monthly pay.

  • Why am I doing this?

1) I believe, since there is no perfect age to start giving back to society, so why not now!? This is my way to be grateful to society.

2) To celebrate 4 of my friends birthdays Kiran Ghule (27th May), Shwetambari Ahire (24th June), Pallvai Malpure (24th June), Tanya Arora (27th June). I am using this opportunity to spend from my personal budget to party hard, but not boozing or clubbing or dining out in any expensive restaurant or on gifts, instead I am investing my money on cutting a very BIIIIIG cake with them and some new friends from Umang, dancing with all of them, distributing Eclairs, wafers, and samosas - my childhood way of celebration.

**Don't worry! I am not using the fund raised amount for partying. It's my party for my friends with my cash. It’s just that the venue is Umang Learning Centre and guests are some really cute children and the amount raised is what they are going to get as a return gift! I am just being the medium.

3) Spread awareness among my age-group to celebrate at least one of their best buddy's birthday with some new friends around who are in actual need of hugs and smiles.

Amount raised in this campaign is going to be deposited in the Umang Foundation Trust account. We will share the receipt generated on social media or if the investor wants, we can mail them too.

  • What you'll be getting in return of your Investment:

You are allowed to enter the party for free. Venue:,72.853937,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m3!8m2!3m1!1e1

(Day and time will be shared with you via mail or messenger)

Drinks on me.

Eat unlimited cake.

Dance with new little friends.

Get a cute genuine smile which you'll remember forever.

Lifetime membership to Umang Learning Centre. You can visit anytime you want and teach these children whatever you want.

Free hugs.

Opportunity to get back to being a child.

An amazing get away from 9 to 5 life.

A stamp on your hand. ;)

On a serious note, you'll get:-

An 80 G certificate for tax exemption (Only if the donation is above Rs. 2000)

A cute "Thank You" card made by these children.

Social media recognition as a Philanthropist.

Networking opportunity as you'll be meeting with young entrepreneurs.

Regular updates about your investment.

So what are you waiting for? Hit the "Donate" button and earn some smiles!

Umang Foundation Trust is located in Santacruz East. There are Umang Learning Centers which carry out Academic coaching, Soft skills, Computer training, etc. for the less privileged children in their locality. They function every day for two hours in a chawl at Vakola, Santacruz, Mumbai.

They currently have 34 students and are planning to reach out to more.

Along with this, they also plan to open new branches of the learning center. They require your support and help in order to achieve this. They also run outreach programs, where they go to various schools in the vicinity and offer them with free coaching for their students who are less privileged.

Umang Foundation Trust (UFT) is a secular, non-profitable Organization, the Trust has been registered with the Charity Commissioner's office, Mumbai vide

Registration No.: E-25633(M).

Umang Foundation Trust is also certified with 80-G No.: CIT(E)/80G/1197/2015-16 and 12AA

Registration No.: 47769 of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

They have been working in serving the less privileged kids with education, counselling, and mentoring. Many of these children come from broken or abusive homes and through their initiative and with the support

Alaap Peopl'es Foundation


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618 lives have changed as a result of donors' support.

Schools have already started!!! The good news is - late admissions are allowed. Lets get all these 34 children learn further.
Most of us start earning in our 20s. So at the same time we can start contributing to deal with monetary problems on a global level.
Being a dutiful citizen, we all should make sure that the future of India should grow from its current literacy rate of 72.23 Percent.