We are a non profit organisation aiming to empower People with Disabilities.


AD-DRESS NOW is a contest in adaptive clothing design for students and professionals in the fashion and garment industry. International lines like Tommy Hilfiger, M & S and even Target have already explored this idea and we want to bring it to India in a big way. 

Clothes are about dignity of an individual too. And it impacts the dignity of a person with a disability to struggle with conventional clothing designs. It also impacts the care giver. 

The Finale is powered by Hyatt Pune [Venue & Hospitality for the finale]  and will be held on 17th August 2019

45 teams have signed up for the contest and each team has a mentor with a disability. The finale will see the mentors of shortlisted teams walk the ramp in the designs they helped create .  We will invite stakeholders from colleges, retail and fashion outlets to be present and encourage this movement. 

Be a part of our journey in making adaptive clothing available to all!

Your contribution will go towards the fitting finale where these designs by the teams will be showcased and we will push for adaptive clothing to be made part of the syllabus. 

Any excess funds will go towards our work to empower PwD. Please visit for details.  We are a not for profit, charitable trust, and all accounts are open and can be shared with those who may be interested.

About the contest

Anita Iyer Narayan, Founder & Managing Trustee of EKansh Trust,  is the brain behind the contest and she believes that Universal design must extend not only to buildings but also other products including clothing. 

She is also a Government of India empanelled Access Auditor and Trainer. We are privileged to have Ms. Geeta Castelino and Ms. Rajkumari Bhatia from Mumbai,both well-known veterans in the field on our advisory board.

Clothing is a basic human right. Privacy and dignity are sacred in our country, and PwD have the right to these violated sometimes because they have to depend on others to choose and put on their own clothes. Adaptive clothing is a solution that addresses this challenge.

AD-DRESS NOW © is our contest in adaptive clothing for students and professionals in the garment and fashion line. We seek to sensitize them and encourage them to look for solutions that are practical and can be used by garment and clothing manufacturers and retailers. 

We do not take any cut or commissions from donors and fundraisers. Payments are securely made via PCI compliant payment processing partners of the fundraiser.

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80 lives have changed as a result of donors' support.

To offer a choice in comfortable clothing for People with Disabilities, and help their caregivers
We all know an elder or a child or a peer who struggles with conventional clothing design
This is not about others. It is about us and our own people.