Miss MBA is the story of a young MBA girl, who embarks on a challenging mission to decode one of the biggest crisis on the earth.


Miss MBA is the story of Vasudha, a 24-year-old girl pursuing her MBA. Vasudha is accidentally exposed to the painful plight of farmers in the interior villages of Maharashtra's Yavatmal district. With no hope around, she takes up the challenge of decoding the agrarian crisis, which remained a mystery even after 70 years of Independence.


Rather than showing the sorrowful lives of farmers time and again, this story talks about solutions that can truly prevent farmers from ending their lives. It attempts to convey to our sisters and brothers, who are engaged in farming, that they can lead a happy and satisfied lives without depending upon any external factor.

With this story we don't intend to create some kind of intellectual content that will bring us laurels. Instead, we want to show few practical ways by which farmers can take control of their lives and 

Apart from making a strong attack on patriarchy, the story touches upon some of the most neglected aspects of agriculture sector. It brings to fore a scandal that led to the suicides of lakhs of farmers in the country. I've been working on this story since 2007.


Filmmaker, screenwriter and playwright Shailesh Narwade has written and directed Marathi feature film ‘Roommates. The film was part of NFDC’s Film Bazaar held in Goa in November 2017. The film is complete and is awaiting distribution.

In his recent works, Shailesh has written the well-known Hindi play 'Maseeha' that was premiered in July 2018 in Nagpur and was invited to IPTA's National Platinum Jubilee Festival in Patna, Bihar.

Born on 29th of November 1976 in Nagpur, India, began his career in journalism with English daily The Hitavada in 2000. He moved to Mumbai in 2005 to work with The Free Press Journal, Reliance Communications Ltd, and CNBC-Network18 Group. Since 2009, he is writing independently. 

Earlier, Shailesh has written, produced and directed four Hindi plays, namely Chalo Chalte Hai (1998), The Selfish Game (1998), Mahatkritya (2000), and ‘Bachate Raho’ (2015). ‘Mahatkritya’ had won Maharashtra Government’s Best Play award in Hindi Drama Competition.

Shailesh is the member of Screen Writers’ Association (SWA) Mumbai since 2005. He is also the member of All India Marathi Film Corporation. Shailesh is the founder of Meliorist Film Studio and Meliorist Theatre.

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