Writing Skills That Can Make You an Expert Essay Writer

Writing Skills That Can Make You an Expert Essay Writer


Some people are quite good at writing blogs and general articles. However, essay writing is entirely a different thing. It requires academic spirit and a wide array of writing skills. You need to acquaint yourself with what it takes to be a great essay writer. You can also reach out to a professional essay writer for guidance. It is wise to consult experts in academic writing.


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There are different types of essays such as ar

gumentative, descriptive, narrative, analytical, etc. Each essay has a distinct criterion. Nevertheless, there are general guidelines that would help you ace all these essays with some practice. In this write-up, we are going to discuss various writing skills that can make you an expert essay writer.


  1. Choice of topic


Before you start writing, you should exercise care and prudence while choosing the topic. The wrong choice of the topic would spoil your whole essay and you might not have the time to start all over again. Thus, I suggest you choose a topic which you are most interested in. You should be confident that you already possess basic knowledge and understanding about that topic. Every topic has certain keywords that you should pay attention to.


  1. Brainstorming


Great essay writers exercise enormous focus on this part. It is here that you prepare for what is to come. It is like having a roadmap in your mind before you start the actual work. Without a proper roadmap, you cannot accomplish any task, let alone essay writing. Just take the pen and start writing whatever comes to your mind related to the topic. In the end, pick those details that are essentially linked to the topic.


  1. Outline


The outline should be orderly, comprehensive, and well-organized. There is no room for ambiguity or errors in the outline. A faulty outline creates a bad impression and your essay loses its value even before the introductory part. Moreover, the outline is a map of your essay which helps the reader to navigate through the whole essay. In essence, the map should be vivid and self-explanatory.


  1. Introduction


The introduction should be engaging, riveting, and inspiring. If you can capture the attention of the reader here, it is more likely that the reader will persist till the end. The introduction should start with a hook sentence by Dissertation Writing Services . The hook sentence could be a quote, statistic or story. Always pay attention to the relevance of the hook. The subsequent part contains a background of the topic. The introduction is supposed to end with a thesis.

The thesis is the gist and main theme of your essay. There is no room for any mistake in this part. The thesis should contain your claim and the arguments that you are going to present in the essay. Ambiguity in your thesis diminishes the purpose and intent of your essay. Thus, it should be articulate, straightforward, and easily understandable.


  1. Body Paragraph Structure


Each body paragraph consists of one central idea. More than one idea complicates the structure of the paragraph. A topic sentence is the first part of the paragraph. It should be followed by a premise. However, some essay writers combine both premise and the topic sentence. There is no problem with that. Subsequently, relevant and befitting evidence should be presented to substantiate your argument.


The evidence should be cited. Citing the source is what makes academic writing different from other forms of writing. After that, the evidence is to be explained comprehensively and sufficiently. You should explain in such a way that the evidence would directly support your argument. Lastly, the concluding sentence links the whole discourse back to the topic sentence. This format should be followed in all the body paragraphs.


  1. Evidence


The evidence is an integral part of your body paragraphs. It is quite often that students state irrelevant and flawed evidence. This kind of evidence hurts the essay and the credibility of the writer. It is suggested that you conduct thorough research while collecting pieces of evidence. However, you can also reach out to a reliable essay writing service . Such platforms offer various services in academic writing.


  1. Conclusion


Many students get repetitive and redundant while writing the conclusion. The conclusion should offer a new perspective on looking at the same arguments. The first part of the conclusion reiterates the main idea. It is followed by a crisp summary of all arguments. The last part of your conclusion should leave an overwhelming impact on the reader.


  1. Proofreading


It is not right to undervalue the importance of proofreading in academic writing. Proofreading adds refinement and beauty to your paper. You should review your essay at least twice. Look for grammatical errors, citation mistakes, substantiation, sentence structure and the overall format. It is better to take some time before paper writing service start proofreading your paper. Taking a break might give you new ideas regarding your arguments.




In the end, it is conveyed with greater emphasis that essay writing should be handled with care, wisdom, and presence of mind. Each part of essay writing requires a new skill to ace it. You should view different sample essays to get an idea about the range of topics and the overall structure. There is no doubt in the fact that the more you practice, the more you get better at essay writing.


It is a practice that makes you inculcate all these skills and techniques in you. When I write my paper , I view different sources and practice immensely. If you follow all these guidelines, then no one can stop you from achieving greater recognition in your academic career.


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