Support a kindergarten school in the Dominican Republic

Mis Primeras Huellas is a kindergarten level school in a slum in the Dominican Republic providing a healthy enviroment for development

We are working to help a kindergarten school in the Dominican Republic called Mis Primeras Huellas led by Fanny Cepeda. Inspired by her love for kids and desire to help her community, Fanny ventured on a project that changed the life of everyone around her. Fanny is a humble teacher in the Dominican Republic with the desire to provide to not only those that can pay for it. After working full time in a private school, she realized that she couldnt turn her back to the realities of the world she leaves in. Fanny decided to cut her work hours and allocate time to a project she was in love with. Thats when she opened a kindergarten school in the slum where she herself grew up. Mis Primeras Huellas has been up and running for seven years and has approximately 100 kids that pay RD$1000 on monthly basis (this is less than 23 dollars per month) to help cover some of the expenses.

Every contribution will ensure Mis Primeras Huellas has another successful year. The goal is to fundraise

  • US$ 1500 to cover all events and field trips for the entire school year
  • US$2500 to cover school supplies for all kids and classroom desks and chairs.

This project is fiscally sponsored by Social Good Fund, which means all donations are tax-deductible.

Trying to decide how much to contribute. Here are some suggestions:

  • Sponsor a month: US$160
  • Sponsor a kid (school supplies for entire school year): US$100
  • Specific supplies for all the kids: $60
  • Or any amount you feel comfortable with :)
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28 lives have changed as a result of donors' support.

You can significantly impact 100 lives
Helping kids develop social skills and creative thinking is a most for educational success
A small donation will impact significant a young life