We want to support Dr. Amit Samarth, from Nagpur, to represent India on a global level at Race Across America 2017 (RAAM'17).

Dr. Amit Samarth - RAAM’17

Dr. Amit Samarth is a doctor turned sportsman, who strives to propagate the importance of a fit lifestyle. He is India’s hope of putting the country on the map of RAAM. RAAM - short for Race Across America - is a 5000 km race across America from West to East. This distance is to be covered on a bicycle in as little as 12 days. The massive endurance challenge is one of the toughest in the world, and Dr. Amit Samarth is prepared to set a record for India, since no other Indian has yet, individually accomplished this feat.

Dr. Amit Samarth started an NGO called ProHealth Foundation that has successfully organised Marathons and Duathlons in Central India, while also providing endurance training to one and all. His primary aim remains to spread awareness about sports and its impact on life. Dr. Samarth’s efforts to promote a fit life for one and all needs a wider outreach and he plans to do this by becoming the first Indian to finish RAAM in 2017.

This man, is a triathlete and has a number of accolades to his credit. In his effort to train for this huge challenge, Dr. Samarth recently successfully cycled 2000kms in India within set time.

in RAAM 2016, Samarth crewed for Seana Hogan, a 6 times RAAM winner in women’s category. His experience and training leave him even more determined to complete the challenge that will inspire the youth of today.

The funding for RAAM

In order to achieve something as huge as this, Dr. Samarth needs India’s help. We all know how difficult it is for a sport other than cricket to thrive in India. A large number of fantastic sportsmen lose out in the race to be the best because of insufficient funding.

To take on the challenge of RAAM, an amount of $200,000 is required - which only includes equipment, training and crewing. The best equipment gives the best output for a sportsman, a minor quality degradation affects the results tremendously. An amount of Rs 25 lakhs ($39,000) has been generated in Central India itself, and we hope to reach out to many more Indians who are willing to be a part of this endeavour.

Amit Samarth needs your support and contribution in accomplishing this feat for India and reaching out to a global audience. Every single contribution, however big or small gives the man a boost in courage and confidence, because it tells him that Indians are proud to have hardworking, spirited sportsmen.

The impact

Dr. Amit Samarth firmly believes in good health choices and being a doctor himself, he does not endorse any artificial products for health. He loves to swim, run, cycle, do yoga and teach a fit way of life to young kids and adults in order to start a fitness movement.

This movement not only carries the potential to generate a wave of health awareness but also promotes environment friendliness. The atmosphere that we live in and the daily choices that we make, affect our lifestyle and are an essential factor in determining our health.

This initiative holds a vision for the larger good of the country and we request you to be part of it in any and every way possible.

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