We're running to put kids back in school

Every cent that you donate goes a long way in supporting education of a deserving student who wants to study but does not have the means to. 12 of us at Two Cents of Hope are running 200 miles non-stop from Napa Valley to Santa Cruz to promote this cause. We strongly urge you to donate at least two cents for every mile we run and give hope to this cause.

Two Cents of Hope identifies kids in India who are meritorious but cannot afford to go to school due to their economic woes. We raise funds for these students so they can stay in school and continue their education

Two Cents of Hope - A Glance at 2014

2014 has been a phenomenal year for TCH in terms of the number of students we have supported. We are pleased to share that TCH has raised $26296.78 in 2014. $16224.48 was generated during “The Relay 2014”, thanks to generous contributions from various individuals such as your esteemed self and corresponding matching donations from employers of donors.

TCH supported 72 students ranging from Lower Kindergarten (LKG) to 12th grade and provided 0% interest loans to undergraduate degree students. In fact we are proud to announce that one of our students, Puttaraju, has graduated with a Bachelors of Engineering Degree in Computer Science with flying colors. He is currently a Java programmer at a reputed multinational company.  

We helped 5 students at Dharitree (, an institution for kids with special needs.

TCH supported Nirmaan (, a grass-roots organization in India working on similar lines as Two Cents of Hope to promote education among the underprivileged in India.

We set up a knowledge center in rural Orissa working with Gram Vikas (, an NGO working towards promoting development in rural communities in India. We are extremely happy that we are able to provide students in an economically backward community with access to computers and are hopeful to provide internet facilities at some point in the future.

A Strong Foundation

We would like to emphasize that Two Cents of Hope is a 100% volunteer organization with no paid positions. We also have very little overhead expenses - we are proud to inform that in 2014, 99.42% of the funds raised by Two Cents of Hope went towards fulfilling education of underprivileged students.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you would like more information about the students you supported in 2014, students you would like to support in 2015, or if you would like to volunteer for Two Cents of Hope

We do not take any cut or commissions from donors and fundraisers. Payments are securely made via PCI compliant payment processing partners of the fundraiser.

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