The campaign supports the Adruta Childrens Home which currently provides education and care to over 400 orphaned children in Odisha, India

Please join us to support the Adruta Children's Home (ACH) in Odisha, India.

This organization successfully transforms the lives of children who were abandoned as infants to give them the opportunity to not only survive but thrive. The Adruta founders nurture the native inner talents of each child by giving the children professional training in art, music, dance and handicrafts. Many of the girls also have excellent academic records and are attending top-rated schools and university in India.

The internationally acclaimed Odissi performers, Amrita, Anjali, Jyotsnarani, Priyanka, Purnima, Spandita, and Pranita (pictured above) were raised in Adruta since they were infants or young children. They are part of the Adruta Dance Troupe (ADT), which has received high accolades for Odissi dance, originating from the temples of the beautiful coastal state of Odisha on the Bay of Bengal. On a recent tour to the United States the girls performed for packed audiences in Seattle, Houston, and San Francisco. The audiences were absolutely dazzled by their immense artistic talents (India West July 2016). The success of this tour presents the opportunity that the ADT will be able to develop a socially innovative model to finance the home with proceeds from the dance tour, enabling this first generation of Adruta children to support their home for children who may need it in the future.

Prof. Aditya Kumar Mohanty, started the institution with his own savings, 18 years ago. Dr. Mohanty was joined by Ms. Gayatri Tripathy, Dr. Sagarika Mishra and others to accomplish a remarkable expansion to 11 well-managed centers across the state with some 440 children. Adruta has been solely supported by philanthropy and needs help to support operations until revenues from the ADT can be realized consistently . The calls to help abandoned infants keep coming and there is no way to turn these babies away. It is simply not an option. This innovative and successful organization that helps the most helpless among us gives them the opportunity to grow into beautiful, charming, talented adults who want to give back. Their example teaches us all that great achievements are possible when we do what is right for children even under impossible circumstances.

Please help Adruta today. We are so grateful for your contribution to this organization. If we can inspire one new supporter for each of the 440 children at Adruta today, we can reach our end of year goal.

We are grateful to the Nargis Dutt Foundation for supporting Project Adruta. NDCF is tax-exempt US 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All proceeds collected by NDCF for Project Adruta will be distributed to the Adruta Children's Home, a unit of RAWA academy.

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41 lives have changed as a result of donors' support.

Demonstrated success. Adruta has produced internationally-acclaimed Odishi dancers and college students in top universities.
Path to long-term sustainability. The acclaimed Adruta Dance Troupe Tour can potentially mitigate future operation costs.
All of the proceeds from this campaign will go directly to the Adruta Childrens Home.