A unique mission to set up an emergency shelter, a rehabilitation unit for survivors of sex trafficking and secure Prajwala.


Prajwala, India's preeminent anti-sex trafficking organization, is in crisis and needs your help. Following a series of attacks this year on Prajwala staff and facilities, and fearing similar reprisals, the landlord for Prajwala's Economic rehabilitation Center is forcing them to vacate by September, 2015. Without the economic rehabilitation center, critical rehabilitation services for survivors of sex trafficking will be lost. All efforts to find another suitable rented premises has availed no results as most people are uncomfortable having sex trafficked victims in their neighborhood. Further, the fear of attacks by traffickers has discouraged many others to open their doors for this intervention.

Consequently, Prajwala is forced to find some land to relocate these life-giving interventions. As the other interventions are also going through a similar crises the new campus which will become the base camp for all the Prajwala Interventions which will include Economic Rehabilitation Center, An Emergency Shelter and all other interventions of Prajwala including the Rescue

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