A unique mission to set up an emergency shelter, a rehabilitation unit for survivors of sex trafficking and secure Prajwala.


Prajwala, India's preeminent anti-sex trafficking organization, is in crisis and needs your help. Following a series of attacks this year on Prajwala staff and facilities, and fearing similar reprisals, the landlord for Prajwala's Economic rehabilitation Center is forcing them to vacate by September, 2015. Without the economic rehabilitation center, critical rehabilitation services for survivors of sex trafficking will be lost. All efforts to find another suitable rented premises has availed no results as most people are uncomfortable having sex trafficked victims in their neighborhood. Further, the fear of attacks by traffickers has discouraged many others to open their doors for this intervention.

Consequently, Prajwala is forced to find some land to relocate these life-giving interventions. As the other interventions are also going through a similar crises the new campus which will become the base camp for all the Prajwala Interventions which will include Economic Rehabilitation Center, An Emergency Shelter and all other interventions of Prajwala including the Rescue & Restoration Team.

Today the very existence of Prajwala is at stake. To safeguard one of the most powerful movements against sex trafficking and sex crime we need your support. Every bit counts and we appeal each one of you to do what is possible.


Every year in India, over 200,000 women and children are inducted into the flesh trade or commercial sexual exploitation. Of these, over one-third are children. Sex trafficking is not only a severe violation of human rights but also results in adverse physical, psychological and moral consequences for the victims. The rescued girls are invariably penniless, mentally broken and suffering from serious or life-threatening illnesses such as HIV/AIDS. The journey of sex trafficking destroys the body, mind and soul of a victim, and for children, these extremely traumatic experiences in their formative years not only stifle their healthy development, but also leave permanent scars in their lives.

India is a transit, destination and supply point for trafficking. The Indian States Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have emerged as the second largest supplier of women and children in the country for the purposes of trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation.


Under the leadership of Dr. Sunitha Krishnan, Prajwala has worked since 1996 in a holistic approach to undermine the flesh trade. The programs to implement these strategies and interventions are focused on Prevention, Rescue, Rehabilitation, Reintegration and Advocacy.

Since inception, Prajwala has successfully rescued and rehabilitated over 12,000 women and girls from sex slavery. Over 6,500 of the graduates of Prajwala’s rehabilitation program are currently gainfully employed. Through education, over 7,500 children of women in prostitution have been kept out of the sex trade. Prajwala has created award-winning documentaries and a feature film to increase awareness. Prajwala has successfully partnered with law officials, transportation, and politicians to write policy and programs to prevent trafficking and punish traffickers.

In 2010, Prajwala built and owns a large rehabilitation center 65km outside of Hyderabad where up to 600 victims at a time are rehabilitated. Currently, there are also multiple office locations in Hyderabad that Prajwala pays rent for, which are now under severe threat.


Due to repeated threats and intimidations from traffickers, the landlord of the Economic Rehabilitation Unit is asking Prajwala to vacate the premises by September 2015. This location is a production cum training center for over 100 survivors of trafficking, to date over 630 victims have graduated from the training center.

On average, 60 victims are rescued every month. Since Prajwala’s safe shelter and therapeutic community is located 65 kms away from the city, it is a constant challenge to move victims to a safe space right after a rescue in the middle of the night. More often than not, the victims have to be kept in a police station overnight. For a shaken up and frightened victim, that is not ideal.

The third challenge is the growing hostility in the community where the Head Office is located. The recent #ShameTheRapist Campaign led to vandalism of the Chief Functionary’s vehicle. A hostile ambiance exists all around the place of work for the team.


It is proposed to procure two acres of land by the Hyderabad airport and relocate most of Prajwala’s Hyderabad city interventions into one, Prajwala owned campus. This second centralized Prajwala campus will ensure a safe working environment for the staff, no eviction problems in the future, security for victims, and a long-term space for Prajwala’s interventions to successfully grow. It is proposed to build a center to house three major interventions:

  1. Economic Rehabilitation Unit (a production cum training center for 100+ survivors of sex trafficking)
  2. Emergency Shelter (a temporary safe home for 50 rescued victims)
  3. Prajwala Base Camp (Headquarters office for Community Based Prevention Program, Rescue & Restoration Program, Rape Victim's Support Program, Anti-Trafficking Resource Cell and Prevention through Education Program)


With current land rates in Hyderabad, it will cost about 2 crores (20 million rupees or $313,728 USD) for the purchase of the land and another 2 crores for the construction all the above three structures. A total of 4 crores ($627,456 USD) is required to make Prajwala's interventions safe.

Your donations will be processed through Prajwala's U.S. Partner, Ek Disha, a registered 501(c)(3). Ek Disha will send 100% of your donation to Prajwala.


Prajwala has received over 50 prestigious awards for its work and has a proven track record as one of the leading forces against sexual exploitation in India and the world. Please contribute what you can to help rebuild the lives of victims now, as your contribution will reverberate far into the future.

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