Join Crowdera in our 1st #Change Counts campaign supporting Harmony Education and Life Partner (H.E.L.P)'s Community Garden!

Our garden is growing because of supporters like you! Even though we've reached our first goal, we are still raising funds to expand and help the garden flourish. The more we raise, the more fruits and vegetables that can be enjoyed by the students.   

It's that special time of year, where it's time to get ready for planting season! Crowdera's first #ChangeCounts campaign is helping bring Harmony Education and Life Partner (H.E.L.P)'s community garden back to life this spring. 

About the Harmony Education and Life Partner (H.E.L.P) Garden Project: 

The Harmony Garden project began 7 years ago with only two planter boxes and the participation of two classrooms. Now, the garden has expanded to include a planter section for each classroom. The benefits of the Harmony Garden Project:With your support the children of Harmony Education and Life Partner (H.E.L.P) will receive the opportunity to come together and share in the wonders of community gardening, which helps to support student inquiry and connection to the natural world, while teaching basic scientific principles. And don’t forget healthy eating habits!

“Children who are familiar with growing their own food tend to eat more fruits and vegetables (Bell & Dyment, 2008) and are far more likely to continue healthy eating habits through adulthood.” 

For the children of Harmony, working in a community garden has many other benefits. The students say they feel calm and happy while working and harvesting food for their classmates and family, a feeling that is priceless. Proven results show that the attendance of Harmony's children increased because of healthy nutrition.Last year, almost everything was donated and resulted in a good harvest. Once the fruit and veggies are harvested, students are allowed to bring a portion home to share with their family. The bounty is also incorporated into the school lunch menu, connecting cooking, eating, and healthy food. 

Reaching our goal:

We all know gardening is a process that takes time and effort. Our hope is to use the money raised to begin breaking ground in the Harmony Garden - getting the seedlings and soil ready for planting season! 

Your generous support of our collective effort will help us expand our community garden at Harmony and bring continued programming to their wonderful students!

It's easy to contribute to the campaign. Simply click the orange Support a Project button and follow the steps. Remember, #ChangeCounts!

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