Free education is provided to underprivileged children reside here. The project is run by the collaboration of the community crowdfunding.

Kids those who moved from Marathwada, Rajasthan to Solapur district with a background like Street begging, Waste collector, thieves, and children who suffer harassment conviction. Same Context on September 20, 2007, we formed a school called "Bhatkyanchi Shala" in Barshi, Solapur. We started an informal school. We saw people are trying to set their life with lot many adjustments. So there is not only a question of health education for girls, women, childbirth, health camp, ration card, age proofs, regional borders, have started work on a number of issues. Gradually began to come forward to sign a number of cooperation or assistance work. Many types of educational literature grew among course. Children began letters to overwrite in informal school. However, the work to be done to shift the zero due to shifting of there family elsewhere; go to the sick exactly the same thing. You're just stuck working for the sustainable change .. (?) Turn into the burning questions of the mind constantly. Sometimes felt the formal school should stop and find a sustainable way to qualitative education, out of children class; The heart was in front of a choice and that choice started with residential school. In 2014, we applied to the government for boarding school permission and 15 June 2015 we started residential school actively. But within a year's time, we have to move cause of twice rental renewal. Work of organization shifted in many factors and the spread of discomfort and heart decided to built concrete options and decided that a lot of consideration, all the saved money invested to "Koraphale" organization and took place on 3 acres of the village apart. Then try the newly launched newly recognized school and other administrative approval. The project was started way before snehgram realize the village Koraphale to 25 May 2017.

Your little help, inspiring the formation of lives

Ajit Foundation, in Barshi is registered organizations. Snehgram doesn't have any grant from the government for the project. Although the future is bright students need your contribution. You financial, food, educational materials can help Agency.


- 1 meal (mess) = 2100 / -

- 1 meal a day = 5000 / -

- 1 annual guardianship of the child = 14,400 / -

- 1 child's monthly parenting = 1200 / -

Mahesh Nimbalkar

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2 lives have changed as a result of your support.

Underprivileged get better education and life.

Improve Prisoners children life by giving education
Improve life of Tribes and neglected but parent holding children
To support of Construction of Snehgram