We are raising funds for Buying new and Quality Sewing Machines for our Ladies who are working at our Workstation.

My name is Wasudev Mishra; I am a social entrepreneur currently working in the field of sustainable development in rural communities through my startup called "silaigram" (stitch village).  
In India, women living in rural areas, work as laborers on farms or as undocumented workers on construction sites. Due to the population of the country, the minimum wage is so low that it is hard for people to earn "2 times of bread and butter" (minimum daily income to buy basic needs). I want to create opportunities for these women to step out! I want them to sing songs, play games and "stitch" their way to empowerment!

We are Empowering 30 Ladies by providing livelihood opportunities through  15 Sewing Machines and also we have upcycled 1500 Kgs of Garment waste material and Prevented it from ending up in our oceans.

Our model - 
Through this social enterprise model, the women, their children, and their wider communities are moving towards independence and a self-sustaining future.
Investment in women and girls is a proven path to reduce poverty.

Our Guarantee -
We assure that your contribution, 100% spent for the purpose is donated and we maximize the benefit by helping the right persons at the right time.

We are raising funds for Buying new and Quality Sewing Machines for our Ladies who are working at our Workstation. We Empower Ladies through Their Stitching Skills by providing Livelihood Opportunities through Upcycling Waste into Beautiful Wearable Products. 

I believe these hard-working women are capable of making a better livelihood for their families, but they lack opportunities due to the patriarchal system in these communities; many women can't step outside their homes to work or learn new things.  

Also via #freecnomist, we would like to provide 5000 bags for plastic waste collection drives which are being organized across schools in Pune. #Freecnomist believes in giving back and conscious capitalism. The founders of this concept believe in changing the mindset of the people and encouraging them to give items they no longer use or skills they have to others, for free. 

Your support will help us to provide machinery & training to poor women in sewing, which shall result in earning and leading a safe and secure life. They shall be able to pay their medical bills, send their children to school and put food on their table without any difficulty.

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Wasudev Mishra


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7 lives have changed as a result of donors' support.

To Empower Women in Rural Areas.
TO Create Livelihood opportunities for Underprivileged Women.
To Upgrade the way of Working for our Organization for better and Bigger Impact.

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