Our album is an effort to feature 8 legendary poets through our passionate music

Mukt, a progressive rock fusion band, aims to launch their debut album that features eight literature pieces of legendary poets who, though eras and continents apart, find unity in the timelessness of their work or in Mukt’s passionate music.

The Band

Mukt was formed in 2013, when four high school friends came together for their love of music and determination to go the extra mile to perform as a band. After going through the initial phases of evolution and achieving individual prowess as musicians, they reached its present avatar of a five-piece band. However, their identity crystallized into its unique form with them choosing to create original music, albeit only to bring some of the awe-inspiring literary gems to mainstream. Their inherent love for freedom inspires them to free these palmary masters of words from the shackles of time – to give them Mukt-i.

The Album

The debut album is eclectic not just in its diversity in the region of origin & language but also in its literary genre ranging from philosophy to dark sarcasm, patriotism to rebellious, and fierce to romantic. The one thing that binds them together and to Mukt’s soul is the deep empathic compassion which cuts through every being it touches. The poets demand to be heard now! And Mukt is ready to bring them to every one of you! 

The works and the Legends

  • Jungle ke Jogi: A ghazal by Ibn-e-Insha (1927 – 1978)
  • Andhayug: A Katha Gayan, part of the play Andhayug by Dr. Dharamveer Bharti (1926 – 1997)
  • Saazish: A poem by Ashok Anjum (b. 1966)
  • Doosra Banwas: A poem by Kaifi Azmi (1919 – 2002)
  • Khajoor: A collection of Dohas by Sant Kabir (15th century)
  • Nadi Ka Behna: A poem by Shiv Bahadur Singh Bhadauriya (b. 1927)
  • Garaj Baras: A poem by Nida Fazli (1938-2016)

            And More....

Mukt’s Approach

Each of the songs of this album has been created in sync with the genre of the literary piece, while unrestrained in treating the audience with the best of our talents. They bring their all to groove with the emotions underlying the words and then bring more to create some audacious music. 

Your reason to support us!?

Your support to us won’t just open doors to reach more like you, but will also pave the path for more youth to take to their unique callings. Let us all unite in this beautiful cause for the freedom of our souls!  

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Whether you are a literature enthusiast or a music lover, we strive to ensure you find your peace and freedom in Mukt.
In our endeavour to achieve this, we let go the privilege of a secured mainstream career and lifestyle since the early years.
Our music is a bit more than just music. These compositions are archaic poetries, which we feel are mandatory to be explored by you.