Creating employment opportunities for young women from underprivileged backgrounds

Melange's Story

A professional beauty & bridal salon for women by a woman. It was started by Jayasree who began her career as a beautician in the year 2005 and worked for a few renowned brands for over 12 years. Jayasree took a pause to bring a new life into the world and after closely nurturing the baby for 2 years, she ventured into a new challenge. Jayasree wants to make a difference in the lives of some underprivileged girls paved way for the beginning of Melange.  She started with a vision of building an Indigenous brand of pocket-friendly professional salon with high standards of hygiene and the best quality. She raised funds through banks and borrowings from family members and started Melange in march 2017.

Through Melange, Jayasree is working towards the training and development of young girls with very less educational background and empowering them to become financially independent. First by providing them all the technical training free of cost & making them employable, then by providing job opportunities. Many girls have completed their training at Melange and got employed in other salons. 

Jayasree has a dream of setting up individual salons for the girls who are growing in their career by taking support from the government and financial help from banks and other sources. A dream of setting up a chain of salons that are totally run by beauticians turned entrepreneurs. 

Melange currently provides employment for 6 women (4 Beauty professionals and 2 Helpers)

Read to the stories of the women who work at Melange

1.Lakshmi Rai - Hair Stylist, Beautician and Bridal Make-up artist

Laxmi Rai is from Kalimpong, Darjeeling and she is 27 years old. Laxmi’s family is of 5 members, Father, Mother, younger sister, and younger brother who are still studying in school. Laxmi is 27 years old and studied only until 12th class. But due to financial conditions at home she could not continue. Before entering into the beauty field she worked in Missionary school for an year. Lakshmi joined Melange in 2018 and she is provided with housing and monthly ration. Lakshmi is trained on basic english communication skills, make-up course and hair styling. Lakshmi has built a great customer network over 2 years and she wants to excel in the beauty industry.

 2.Manisha Rai - Hair Stylist, Beautician and Make-up artist

Minisha is from Kalimpong, Darjeeling and she is 25 year old. Minisha’s father is a carpenter and mother is a housewife. Minisha studied until 10th class and she wanted to earn money to help her family. Melange is her first job and she joined here as a trainee. Initially, Minisha was very afraid and low on confidence while interacting with clients. Over the years, with coaching and mentoring she developed wrapo with many customers. Minisha’s ambition is to own her own salon because she is very inspired by the owner Jayasree.

Minish is helping her father through her savings to build a small house for themselves in her hometown Kalimpong and long clearing some personal loans.

 3.Roshni - Beautician

Roshis is kalimpong and is 23 years old. Roshni worked at the big chain salon but did not get any formal training. She decided to join a small salon where she has the opportunity to interact with clients. Roshni’s father works as a driver and mother is a housewife. Roshni has a younger brother who is still in school. Roshni is worried about the current situation because she contributes 50% salary for her brother's education.

4.Sara Rai - Beautician

Sara is 26 years old and comes from a marginally economic background. Sara’s father works as a carpenter and Sara could only study until 9th class. Because of family commitments, she had to work odd jobs to support the family financially. Sara started as a Trainee in a salon in Gurgaon but later joined Melange in 2019. Sara is very hard working and is a fast learner. Sara’s aim is to become a celebrity makeup artist.

5.Ratna Kumari - Salon Helper

Joined Melange on the first day of its start. She is a single mother with a son and daughter, having no support from her husband and taking care of her family along with the help of her daughter who is working in a small departmental store.

6.Sujata - Salon Helper

A Widow and a mother of two daughters, working to provide a better life for her daughters by providing better education. Her elder daughter completed B.Pharmacy and is searching for a job. Sujata joined melange in 2019  

Our Salon is locked up completely since 25th March 2020 but business has been very dull since early March. We managed to pay the rent and staff salaries in March and April. As we are approaching May end, our resources are nearly nil and our biggest worry is the staff salaries.
During normal situations, these small salons in the neighborhood are the go to places for all beauty services, now these small salons are in financial trouble due to covid-19 situation.
Please help in whatever amount you can, so that we can retain our staff and salon. I request you all to share this amongst your friends and family as well.

Thank you!


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