Kendriya Sainik Board is the apex body of the Govt of India,which formulates policies for Resettlement and Welfare of Ex-Servicemen.

Kendriya Sainik Board is the apex body of the Govt of India, which formulates policies for Resettlement and Welfare of Ex-Servicemen and their dependents.
The Board has Hon’ble Raksha Mantri as its President and other members in the Board, which include Minister of Central Govt besides the three Services Chiefs, Senior Govt Officials, retired officers, ladies, and retired JCOs.
We aim to support the jawans who get enrolled in the armed forces at the age of 18 and are set to retire by 35 years of age. Since these jawans only get their primary education till 12th standard, they fail to find a proper job after serving the nation for the most productive years of their life.

Giving up the warmth of their family

Pressing pause to their innocent youth

The jawans stand to serve the nation and serve us!

Joining the army with the dream of being a soldier and saving our country, the Jawans never think twice before making this decision. Most of the Jawans join the armed forces at a very early age, just after finishing their 10th or 12th standard. In these tender years, these jawans are filled with enthusiasm and patriotism for the country and towards its people. The army life changes them physically as well as mentally. Everything goes well until they are asked to retire just after serving the armed forces for 15-20 years.

No soldier thinks of getting retired while on duty, they believe themselves to be employed as government officials. But suddenly their lives fall apart due to the situations which they face after getting retired. In the mid-life scenario, with so many responsibilities of educating their children, providing for the family, supporting their old age parents and taking the overall responsibility becomes very difficult for the retired jawans. 

Around 60,000 jawans retire every year

These Jawans put their lives on stake to maintain peace in the country and what do they get out of it?
Even the pension issued by the government for these jawans is just half of their last drawn salary, with no additional benefits which are often provided to other government officials.

It’s so unfortunate to know that if a soldier dies on the battlefield, the family comes in dread, their widows are left to bear the whole responsibility with the pennyworth pension they receive. 



So, this is an effort to take care of the ones who have become a forgotten part of our system.
Through this initiative, we want to achieve the following missions,

  1. -Educate the children of retired servicemen.

  2. -Financial assistance to ex-servicemen in Penury

  3. -Support the wedding ceremony of ex-servicemen’s daughters

Leaving behind peaceful good nights, when they serve, they set aside the things that matter to them to give us the things that matter the most to us!

Join this cause and provide your kind contribution towards building the families and the future of the ex-army men. This is an opportunity to show them your support, don’t hesitate in making a donation.

Secretary KSB

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8352 lives have changed as a result of your support.

To show solidarity towards the Jawans
To support the education of ex-servicemen children
To provide financial aid for the wedding ceremony of ex-servicemen daughters