Free Crowdfunding ! Really ?

Yes, Free Crowdfunding Is Really Possible .

We at Crowdera dream of a better world where humans will have constant access to crowdsourced financial resources to support any cause or dream that matters to them. Crowdera started as a philanthropic initiative by our founder who believes that online fundraising or crowdfunding should be fundamental right of humans living with communities. Crowdera is extremely proud to have created a completely, really & truly free fundraising and crowdfunding platform for anything that matters to you. Our mission is to provide the best crowdfunding experience for Causes, Emergencies & Dreams, and that too absolutely free!

Yes! Crowdera is Really & Truly Free!

Crowdera fundraisers can create visually compelling stories, publish & share to their global communities, engage fundraising teams and collect money directly in their bank or PayPal accounts absolutely free. Crowdera does not ever dip into donor dollars and never collects any fee from the fundraiser (Campaign Owner, project creator) nor from the person donating to the campaign.

What is Free Crowdfunding Exactly and How Does It Work?

Free crowdfunding simply means that platforms facilitating online crowdfunding or fundraising do not charge any platform fee. Typically major free crowdfunding platforms that claim to charge no fee or cut from your donations would automatically add unto 15% voluntary tip to your donation amounts charged from your donor’s card. This is generally more expensive than the platforms charging a small fee.

Yes! Free Crowdfunding with Crowdera is Different!

Crowdera sticks to it’s promise of providing an absolutely & truly free crowdfunding and online fundraising platform by not charging any fee whatsoever. Unlike other platforms claiming to be free, Crowdera does not seek voluntary donations of contributors or rely on any kind of tips from donors?

Payment processing fee vs Platform fees vs. Tips/Voluntary Donations to the platform.

Please note that payment processing fees are charged by the payment gateways providing card and wallet transaction services. The payment processing fees are different than the platform fee. Platform fees are charged by many leading crowdfunding platforms along with payment processing fees.

Many leading platforms claiming to be 100% free, charge your donors up to 15% of voluntary donations or tips by automatically adding a tip during your checkout. So, Yes, Free platforms are actually not free, do read their disclosures.

Crowdera is truly free and does not charge any platform fee or commissions and does not seek any voluntary donations or tips from the contributors.

However, standard payment processing fee charged by the payment processors like WePay, PayPal, PayU, Razorpay, Citrus & Stripe applies to card, wallet & online banking transactions

Crowdera’s free crowdfunding platform is a philanthropic initiative of the founder and a CSR initiative for the company Crowdera, Inc. Crowdera Inc is in the business of providing software for team fundraising, donor management, charity compliance via its SaaS subscriptions.

Unlike other platforms claiming to be free, Crowdera does not seek voluntary donations of contributors or rely on any kind of tips from donors.