Now is the time to stand with the brave and gallantry heroes of Indian Armed Forces, who we owe this Independence to.

We owe all veterans a debt that can never be repaid. The freedom we enjoy was paid for by the brave men & women in our armed forces who sacrificed their youth and lives for the liberty of our country. 

On the auspicious occasion of India’s 75th Independence day let's thank our ex-servicemen and veterans for serving our country and protecting our freedom by contributing to Kendriya Sainik Board, a body of the Government of India which formulates policies for resettlement and for the welfare of the Ex-Servicemen of the Indian Army and their dependents. 

With this campaign, we aim to support the ex-servicemen who enrolled in the armed forces at a young age of 18 with primary education and have to retire at 35 years of age. They get only half of their salary as pension on retirement which is not enough for most to support their families. Many of them also suffer from major injuries or disabilities. Adding to this, their primary education and age makes it hard for them to find a decent and stable job.

  • Financial assistance to the ex-servicemen in penury

  • Financial assistance for the education of the children.

  • Financial assistance for the marriage of ex-servicemen’s children.

"Freedom comes at a price and we need to take some time out to reflect on the liberties we enjoy and take for granted; liberties that are enabled only because of our defence forces. Contributing to this campaign will be our way of showing our respect and gratitude to those who keep us free.”
- Chet Jainn, CEO & Founder Crowdera

Through this campaign you can help ex-servicemen and veterans to get back to the regular world, and can extend support to the dependents of the bravehearts who have lost their lives on the battlefields. 

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To support disabled soldiers.
To support widows and children for soldiers who have made the supreme sacrifice in the service of the nation
To support veteran soldiers with no means of livelihood