FAIRFUND ( Fair Trade Interim Relief Fund)

FAIRFUND ( Fair Trade Interim Relief Fund)- A Fund set up by FTF-I to provide Interim Relief to artisans and other vulnerable communities whose livelihoods have been affected due to COVID 19 pandemic

"Indian handicrafts are a jewel in India’s heritage. From our Mom’s silk sarees to our picnic daris, from paper mache and wooden crafts to beautiful kashmiri shawls, from exquisite handmade platters and interiors to stunning Mekhla Chadors, to luxury brands like Dior and Chanel taking inspiration from Indian craft - Indian artisan's crafts live in all our hearts. Let’s show solidarity to our artisans, who have enriched our culture and heritage. For the next time, we wear a Kanjivaram or Zari, we know that we used our privilege for their benefit, and only then can we wear our culture proudly! “

Craftspeople or artisans are the backbone of the non-farm rural Indian economy, with an estimated 7 million artisans according to official figures (and upto 200 million artisans according to other sources) engaged in craft production to earn a livelihood. Indian art and crafts are appreciated worldwide thanks to relentless and amazing work done by these Artisans and craftsmen.  India has established itself as a major hub for art and crafts and has a 2% share in the world export scenario. It also contributes 20% of the total Indian GDP to our economy and employees 30% percent of it's total workforce in the unorganised sector. The Indian handicrafts is valued greatly and has a high demand in the western countries. It is highly valued because for an artisan it more than just work, it is an expression of a particular community, ethnicity or tradition. The folklores, the dialects, the tribal lifestyle and their traditional crafts are the basis for evolution of this sector and hence the higher value and the demand in the market. An artisan/ producer group not only works to sustain them but the entire value chain he has created by them in terms of local craftsmanship and locally sourced raw material. It's time for us to help the artisans and producers who helped India to establish itself as a major arts & crafts hubs of the world. 

But unfortunately, India’s artisans are a declining legacy. Now more than ever, they need your help! With the lockdown in place, with no workshop or market access,  their hand-to-mouth existence has been severely impacted. They are struggling for their daily sustenance as well as grappling with the fear of uncertainty of future.

We call out to you as a Network of organizations that works directly with Indian artisans spread across India, to help us help them. We have pledged to help atleast a 1000 artisans to battle through and after this pandemic by setting up FAIR FUND ( Fair Trade Artisan Relief Fund). 

FAIRFUND will be used for 1000 artisans to-

  • Provide hygiene kits and ration to artisans @ 1000 per artisan ( Masks, soaps, wheat flour, rice and pulses)

  • Partly Contribute to their wages during this difficult phase @ 2000 per artisan

Target amount- 30 L

Let's join hands to show solidarity towards our artisans and let them know that we care and recognise their contribution for our country. 

# Help the Indian Artisans #youandonlyyou can make the difference

All donations to FAIR FUND will receive tax exemption benefit  under 80G

Profile of the organization

Fair Trade Forum-India (FTF-I) is the National Network for Fair Trade in India. It is a not-for-profit organization, registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860.

FTF-I contributes to poverty alleviation and sustainable development by building a broader, multi-stakeholder movement for Fair Trade, one that encompasses producers, workers, consumers, people for a range of backgrounds, Institutions, Organizations, Government and the Fair Trade community.

It promotes environment friendly practices, processes and products, at both the production and consumption levels and works actively to improve market conditions, build capacity, Fair Trade assessment and development of supply chains. Promotion of Fair Trade in India includes particular emphasis on young consumers and the corporate sector.

FTF-I works with more than 50,0000 producers – artisans and farmers – through more than 100 member organizations, to ensure a dignified income and overall development of artisans, farmers, workers in the unorganized sector. It also endeavors to develop the skills of marginalized youth to make them more employable so that they become capable of earning a decent livelihood.

It is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization – WFTO, which is the global face of Fair Trade.

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To help the artisans and producers who helped India become a niche in the arts and craft sector
To provide interim relief to the needy
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