Providing money for daily meals to support to spend a mentally and physically calm life.

Preventing the worst consequences of 

"Corona Lockdown →Unemployment → Poverty → Death" 

by providing money for daily meals to make their life mentally and physically calm.

Corona-unemployment Problem

Currently in India, Lockdown continues for more than a month, and it is decided to extend until May 17 (as of May 3rd).

Under such circumstances, companies are unable to carry out business activities, and people are basically not allowed to go out and if they violate, they will be penalized. As a result, maids, construction workers, factory workers, etc. lost their jobs.

Before unemployment, they lived a life with about 10,000 yen a month as income. Some of them used to work while living in a big city more than 300km away from their hometown without proper house. Most people have little savings and live in a single small room with all family members. I have heard that 90 out of 100 households are similar in the poor village of Sujata where I have a connection.

Why we started

After Corona-unemployment, they managed to live up to the present day even though they wore out a small amount of savings. Naturally, the Government and NGOs are carrying out support activities, but it takes more time to reach all of them firmly. If it is as it is, even literally tomorrow, "eating something" "food for children" they won’t be able to have/give. As a result, people who may die in hunger, may be mentally hunted down, may cause domestic violence and commit suicide, and I have heard that are happening in fact.

Therefore, first of all, I mainly tried to make a connection with the Government and NGOs to the people who are in need. However, my own connection is limited. And it is very difficult to find someone who was truly reliable and to make sure that financial support will be delivered to the people who are in need.

What we"ll do

Despite these circumstances, we are in a position to reliably deliver support. Since before Corona, we have been dispatching maids by hiring slum women for the purpose of empowering women and getting rid of poverty.(SAKURA Home Service)

In other words, we are directly connected to those people. So you can be sure that financial support will be delivered even directly under the Lockdown.

At the same time as understanding the poverty situation of living in a slum, I got to know how much financial support is required. So, first of all, I wanted to support about 250 people in 75 households who can be surely delivered to those who need help, so I started donation activities like this.

We have set the target amount and period, but they need right now. So as soon as we can confirm the deposit, we will hand over the money received to them.

When I interviewed directly for the amount of money required, it was said that if 2,000 INR / 3,000 yen per household, they can live for two weeks, the Lockdown ends.

Of course, after the lockdown is released, it doesn’t seem to be easy for them to work again get income soon. So I’d like to continue supporting the subsequent activities while watching the situation.

First of all, for some it is difficult to think about tomorrow, and there are many people who are suffering from hunger. I’ll support them at least they can get the rice at the moment, keep a stable spirit as much as possible, and help to survive this difficult situation.

Saki Tsuru


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230 lives have changed as a result of donors' support.

We can save one family's life at least during Lockdown by 2,000INR.
Our connection is limited, we really need your help to provide support.
We can directly hand over the support in our community even during Lockdown and will report you after support.

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