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What Can Sports Do?

Sport can change individual’s lives, their families fate and not just this but has the ability of positively impacting the world.I t could be the truest forum for demonstration of all that can be and is good with the human spirit. With this belief Dr. Amit Samarth and Dr. Prakash Amte have joined hands to use the power of sports in transforming the lives of young tribal children of Lok Biradari Prakalp .

In this project Dr. Amit Samarth a renowned ultra cyclist who is first Asian and Indian to finish Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme Worlds Longest Bicycle race (9100 km) and the first Indian in the last 37 years to finish the Race Across America (5000 km) will be riding bicycle across the India on the Golden Quadrilateral National highway network which is around 6,000 KM long to raise funds for the tribal children of LBP.

The Lok Biradari project in Hemalkasa is a social project of Maharogi Sewa Samiti,Warora in Chandrapur district involving a hospital, a school, and an animal orphanage. It was started on 23 December 1973, by the Padma Shri awardee and UN recognized social worker Late. Baba Amte for the integrated development of Madia Gond. Over the years, thousands of students have made the name of LBP famous all over the country especially in sports. Currently this project is run by his son Dr. Prakash Amte and his wife Dr.Mandakini Amte.  He is also a Padma Shri winner and is recognized Lifetime Achiever in the field of Health and Social Work for underserved people by UN and Bill Gates Foundation.

Amidst the lack of equipment, Lok Biradari Prakalp is facing difficulties in providing high-quality training for Athletics. With limited donations from society, the project is facing difficulties in providing children with high-quality equipment and other sports necessities. He will be covering the 4 metros and 86 major cities across the country on his cycle to raise funds for the project. The funds raised during this campaign will be utilized to provide nutritious food and high-quality training for students of LBP.

The teenage students have proved that, if you give the right opportunity to the players from such remote areas, they will make the name of our country in the world. What is needed is encouragement and opportunity. Your support for this campaign will help the Lok Biradari Prakalp provide nutritious foods and good training opportunities to more students. Please donate as much as you can and support Amit’s mission.


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To develop sports infrastructure like strength at the project for high-quality training.
Support upcoming talent from LBP tribal children and provide them with opportunities.
To provide them with quality equipment and nutritious food.