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The world has changed forever in the past few months. We are currently facing a global pandemic which has affected our freedom, communal behaviour, travelling, education system and has overwhelmed medical specialties. 

Crowdera is launching an urgent appeal to help people fighting against hunger, unemployment, medical emergencies, sanitation & hygiene scarcity, community- everything.

By far we have supported Students, Patients, Daily Wage Earners, Artists, Transgender Communities and our Frontliners by raising 60 lakh amount through our fundraisers.  This money has helped more than 300,000 families but now we want to help India in preparing for the post-pandemic world by boosting digitalization & providing protective equipment to frontline workers which can solve challenges related to education and healthcare and will help everyone to adapt to the new ways of living. 

Students of all ages are being severely affected by Covid-19 and are in need of urgent help.  We want to support the students to get access to education from home and also help them financially  to overcome challenges of paying tuition.

  • By providing second hand smartphones to students in need.

  • Help them get connected to the global libraries.

  • We finance Student Support Funds to help the vulnerable learners.

In India and around the world, healthcare systems are overwhelmed. Hospitals and medical organisations are doing all they can to fight against Covid but they need funds to purchase necessary equipment & personal protective equipment to support frontline health care staff and patients.

  • Your donation will provide PPE KITS to medical staff.

  • The kit includes - face shield,  surgical gloves, gowns, medical aprons, sanitizers, towels, masks, overall covers and goggles.

  • We will provide necessary medications , funds for ventilators and necessary equipment in local hospitals.

The collected fund will be given to our collaborative non profit organisations working for respective causes.

Telemedicine can help local healthcare centers to get connected with medical specialists from all over the country to get better assistance and treatment advice for patients of rural and remote areas. This will help patients to receive quick diagnosis and chance of more often treated in their community. 

  • Providing funds to the organisations supporting telemedicine.

  • Providing equipment and network connectivity to local healthcare.

During pandemic many people have lost their source of income. We want to help people who are out of work to make their ends meet by funding their  reskilling and upskilling programs according to their interests. 

  • By providing second hand smartphones.

  • Helping them to connect with nearest upskilling centers.

  • Bearing the cost of reskilling and upskilling programs of the jobseekers.

Due to pandemic, restaurants and events are banned which were not only responsible for feeding people but also to feed the stray animals. Cowdera urges you to raise funds to help us support the organisations who are ensuring that animals are not forgotten in this time of crisis. 

  • Providing food to the stray animals

  • Supporting shelter systems all across the country.

Nearly everyone is feeling the effects of COVID-19, but some Indians, especially the most vulnerable, are struggling more than others. Children in need, those experiencing homelessness, people with disabilities, refugees and many others have lost access to critical services and programs due to social distancing.

  • Ensure people have access to life’s essentials, such as food and shelter.

  • Ensure that while vulnerable people are isolated, they are also supported.

Hundreds of thousands of people are in need of emergency food support as many of us have lost their jobs and food programs through schools and community centers are suspended due to social distancing.  We want to end this hunger by supporting food banks.

  • Supporting Food Banks who are stepping out to ensure that food can reach to people who need it most.

  • Ration Kit for the families.


  1. Choose your cause (we can offer donors to choose the cause for which they want donate) or we can collect general amount and will divide it accordingly

  1. The collected fund will be given to our collaborative non profit organisations working for respective causes.

  1. Regular updates will be provided on the campaign site to show the real time impact.

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