The campaign supports the Karunai illam Childrens Home which currently provides Food, Shelter, education and care to over 80 orphaned Childs

For the past 22 years through the Karunai illam Charitable Trust we are running an orphanage at Madambakkam, Chennai District South India. In the month of March 1996, we started the Karunai illam Charitable Trust with 10 children (6 Boys & 4 Girls). Over the last two decades, 80 children are staying in Karunai illam Charitable Trust (48 Boys & 32 Girls). These children are taken care of with the help (contributions and donations) from the friends, families and well wishers of the Karunai illam Charitable Trust.

Karunai illam means "Mercy Home". We are admitting children regardless of caste, creed of Religion. children's are admitted from various categories like orphans, semi orphan, destitute and under privileged children's. Our motivation is " Each Children should stand their own leg in future". We are providing children primary requirements of food, shelter, education, health care and whatever they need to grow.

Vision :-

The vision and mission of the trust are being centered around charitable services to the deprived elders and destitute children, to provide them shelter, food and a peaceful environment and need based social welfare activities.

Impact on Life:-

Every children has different kinds of background and stories. We are sharing two girls kids and their emotional stories. The two girls are sisters name called DISHANI and DIVYADHARSHNI. Unfortunately, they are Orphans. At present , two girls are 8 years and 6 years old. I am writing their incidents which was happened two years ago.They were taken care by her stepmother who has husband and two young Child's

Two kids should take care of the house and two young Child's when stepmother out for occupation . They didn't go to school. They missed food, education, love, affection and other sentimental care at the age of 6 and 4. During the day time, the two girls down and played in the road side and sometimes they begged the street shops also. We admitted these girls in last year with help of volunteer.

We are providing food, shelter and health care and whatever they missed & expected. Now Dishani studying in second standard and Divyadharshni studying in first standard .They are very happy with other 78 Sister and brothers. According to the bible says " Your sorrow will be turn to Rejoice". It was happened to their life.

We had many successful stories in the past twenty years. One of the stories is about Kumar S/o Boopathy. This boy was studied in our karunai illam for the period of 1996-2004 . He is a semi orphan and his mother is house maid servant in rural area. Because of family situation, Kumar don't have option to continue the education . We provided the food, shelter in our home to him. Mainly, we helped him to completed higher studies and get degree in Oriental Mechanical Course. Now he is working one of the Mechanical Corporate company which is located in Pune,india and getting excellent salaries.

Why This Campaign :-

We don't have proper place for accommodation, no regular contribution and no support from the public. This campaign to raise the fund to build Room for Boys and Girls which will help them have peaceful Environment and having good educations.

Our campus building/shelter has damaged due age, flood and cyclone. Children are suffering in each rainy season with leakage. So we are in the need to construct new building which will provide children safety. Also, we can accommodate some more children and provide food, shelter and education.

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38 lives have changed as a result of donors' support.

It will help provide a safe Shelter to homeless Children.
It will help to Kids Develop healthy habits and connect them to services
It will help to children complete secondary school ( Education).

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