Every single hearing aid is a life changing gift for these hearing impaired children and a chance to get quality education

Around 470 million people in the world are hearing impaired and by 2050 nearly 2.5 billion people are projected to have some degree of hearing loss and at least 700 will require hearing rehabilitation. It is even hard for a financially stable person to keep up with the high cost of hearing aids and their maintenance but if you’re poor, you are likely to have less success with your hearing aid.

Through this campaign, we want to change the lives of 3 extra-special children from poverty-stricken families. All of these special children are in desperate need of a hearing aid and therapy.

Here are the details and stories of these children-

Smriti Dixit. (D.O.B. - 24/09/2004)

Smriti is an 11th grader student who has 100% vision loss of an eye in an accident when she was 6 years and has had hearing issues since birth. She is a certified disabled person. In her family, she only has her mother and an elder sister with a combined income of less than INR 8000 per month.

When she was in 8th grade, she got the hearing aid from the government school but now her hearing device is inoperable and according to the government law, due to her age factor, she is illegible to get a new hearing piece.

One hearing aid costs around INR 40000 and as she is in senior school now, she wants to get some tuition to prepare herself for higher education. Smriti is a bright student with high hopes who just need little support from the world to lead a normal and beautiful life.

Hearing Aid - INR 40000/-

Tuition - INR 20000/-

Monu (D.O.B. - 13/04/2009)

Monu is a 12 years old kid who is suffering from cerebral palsy and is deaf and dumb since birth. He loves watching cartoons and playing with her sisters. This certified disabled child is having difficulties in getting hearing aid from the government so he needs private funding. Monu’s mother is a maid and he has 6 sisters. In this big family, it is hard for his parents to afford his treatment.
Hearing Aid - INR 40000/-

Aaradhya (D.O.B. - 24/10/2012)

Aaradhya is a 9 years old girl who is mildly mentally challenged and has recently got her corneal implant. Now she needs speech therapy for 6 months from a professional and each session costs her around INR 1500 (including travelling from her village to Lucknow city). Every week she needs to get at least two sessions so the overall expenditure is INR 72000.

Speech Therapy - 72000/-

Smriti is a wonderful painter and a writer, Monu loves to ride bicycles and play with other kids, Aaradhya is a beautiful soul who never shies away from sharing her stationery and food with other children. Together we can help them to have a beautiful future and a normal childhood. They are already dreamers who just need a little help to lead a beautiful life.

This is an opportunity for us to change someone's life. Contribute in any way you like- donate, share and spread awareness!

Let's give them a gift of hearing

Vanchha Pandey


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Help these children get a joy of hearing without difficulties
You have an opportunity to change the lives
With this we can even reach out more children like them

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