Help us to distribute readymade clothes among prisoners

Join hands with Crowdera and Tata Trusts in distributing clothes to the prison inmates facing severe challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Nagpur Central Prison is located in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. It has facilities to house both under-trial and convict detainees with a separate section for female prisoners. The total capacity of male section is 1,668 prisoners but as on September 2020 there were 1,965 prisoners which amounts to an over-crowding of 18%. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Maharashtra Prisons have been among the worst hit. Nearly 5 out of the 9 central jails were under complete lockdown. An official report say that by the end of September, 14,261 prisoners across the State showed Covid-19 symptoms and were tested. Of these more than 2,012 tested positive with 1,616 prisoners having recovered. 


The second highest number of positive cases was reported by Nagpur Central Prison, where 616 prisoners showing symptoms were tested and 219 of them tested positive. While the prisoners recovered from COVID, many of  have lost contact with their families and lawyers and are thus adversely affected-socially, physically and psychologically.The pandemic has caused other socio-economic stresses on the prisoners and their families and they are dependent on charities/NGOs for meeting some of their daily needs. Further due to the COVID restrictions, the families have been unable to visit the prisoners. 

The Cause –

"Providing clean clothes for better hygiene"

Many of the inmates in Nagpur Central prison belonging to poor socio-economic backgrounds have suffered worst. Prisoners, when arrested, had only one pair of clothes on them and after entering prison they have not been able to arrange for a spare set of clothes. In such situations they depend on old or worn out clothes of other prisoners. In addition to this, overcrowding, lack of enough number of fans inside barracks, lack of facilities to wash mattress, bedsheets and blankets regularly results in people suffering from skin infections inside prisons.


Currently out of the total 1,965 prisoners, there are nearly 600 prisoners who come from poor families and unable to afford new or fresh pair of clothes. These under-trials are languishing in prisons and have no hope that they may be released anytime soon due to the courts functioning for limited hours and huge backlog of cases. 

The prisoners have repeatedly requested the Superintendent for a spare pair of fresh clothes for them. The Superintendent in turn has solicited support from Social Workers appointed in prison with the support of Tata Trusts to look into this request urgently.

What You Can Do? 
Join hands with Tata Trusts & Crowdera Foundation to alleviate the situation of our fellow citizens facing severe challenges due to the COVID pandemic. You can contribute towards providing a fresh pair of stitched clothes to the prisoners from underprivileged background.


Each set costs Rs. 500/- and comprises a T-shirt / Bandi and a long pant. You can contribute for any number of pairs. There are 600 prisoners who are in urgent need. The hand-stitched clothes are further being sourced from SHGs comprising underprivileged women in rural India. 

Tata Trusts along with Crowdera Foundation has provided 200+ fresh pair of clothes to these prisoners.The hand-stitched clothes comprises a T-shirt / Bandi and a long pantare being sourced from Silaigrama SHG comprising underprivileged women from rural India.


We are halfway there, Through the constant support of well-wishers like you,few pair of clothes have been arranged for half of the prisoners, we need your support to get to arrange clothes for the rest of the prisoners.
Join hands with "Tata Trusts" & "Crowdera Foundation" to alleviate the situation of our fellow citizens facing severe challenges due to the COVID pandemic 

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The Pandemic has made a drastic impact on prisoners economically and socially.
Most of the prisoners are poor and cannot afford a fresh pair of clothes.
Your support is vital for providing clothes to 600 prisoners who are socially deprived.