Through this campaign we hope to provide soft skills training to financially underprivileged students.

About Child Awareness Project (CAP)

Started in May 2011. To save a child.
Now, a registered Non-Profit for Child Rights.

Formerly known as Search For Thamana and founded by a 15 year old, this was a search for Thamana: a 5-year-old girl who went missing from Marina Beach, Chennai on 11th May 2011. Renamed, registered and widely recognised, Child Awareness Project is now an award-winning NGO based in Chennai. Our mission is #ChildProofingTheWorld - making the world a safer and better place for children.

We have an active presence online and offline with our numerous campaigns advocating for children's rights. To learn more about us, visit

About this Campaign

Soft Skills are the essential non-academic aspect of education that help increase employability. Students from economically underprivileged backgrounds are often deprived of opportunities to gain these skills.

This gives rise to problems such as:

  • Some students write well, but they are not able to express themselves orally.
  • Some speak fluently, but cannot write without grammatical errors.
  • Some are comfortable speaking among themselves in a small group, but are not comfortable facing the audience.
  • Some having problems with their body language and use inappropriate with others, some find it difficult to maintain eye contact.
  • Some are always misunderstood.

Through our campaign, we plan to equip students from less privileged socioeconomic strata with soft skills. They will be trained by professionally-trained instructors and interactive sessions.

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The course content includes:

Speaking & writing grammatically correct English

  • Review of Grammar
  • Remedial Study of Grammar
  • Building Vocabulary
  • Phonetics
  • Public Speaking

Develop writing skills - Composition

  • Letter writing
  • Note taking
  • Precise writing
  • Diary writing
  • Report writing

Develop skill in spoken English

  • Oral report
  • Discussion
  • Debate
  • Telephonic conversion

Developing Skills in listening comprehension

Develop ability to read, understand and express meaningfully

Soft Skills & Interview Skills

Additional funds received will be disbursed through this campaign or other child rights campaigns conducted by the Child Awareness Project.

Child Awareness Project


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