Currently Assam is suffering due to devastating floods. People in 25 districts are affected due to severe floods.

Already down on its knees from the raging COVID-19 pandemic, another natural disaster has hit Assam. The deluge has widely damaged houses, farmlands, schools, bridges and road links across Assam. Thousands of families have been forced to take shelter in schools, highways, and temporary relief camps. This is the first wave of floods this monsoon, and flood control experts expect at least two more.

Current deluge scenario in Assam:

  • Till Tuesday (July 21), more than 24.19 lakh people are suffering due to the floods across 24 districts.

  • The total number of people losing their lives in this year's flood and landslide has gone up to 115 across the state.

  • The Agricultural sector has been severely damaged. At present 2,525 villages are under water and 1,15,515.25 hectares of crop areas have been damaged across Assam. 

  • The authorities are running 564 relief camps and distribution centres across 18 districts, where 145648 people have taken shelter.

  • The monsoon rains have almost 85% of the Kaziranga park under water.  9 one-horned rhinos, 4 wild buffaloes, 7 wild boars, 2 swamp deers and 82 hog deers have died in the flood.

  • It has also affected 23,89,401 domestic animals and poultry across the state. 

Dhubri is one of the worst affected areas due to the floods. The Brahmaputra river is flowing above the danger mark Dhubri town in Dhubri districts. Many residents have been displaced due to heavy rains causing deluge in various areas across the districts.

As per one of the impact donors with his roots in Dhubri and presently settled in Singapore, Pramod Jain, last time the water level went so high was back in 1988, when he was in Class 10.  The only thing which is hovering in his mind is how to help the people in Dhubri and across other districts who are stuck and don't have the shelter. Central and State Government support are falling short due to the tumultuous water levels and hence the local Lions Club Chapter is doing all it can for rescue activities and providing food & shelter.

So Crowdera Foundation is working along with Pramod, Sanjay Sethia who is associated with Dhubri Lions Club chapter, and his other batchmates to mobilize as much funds as possible. 

Funds raised by this campaign will be used to provide food, shelters, medical kits, cash bills and other needs.

Reasons to donate:

To support the victims financially:

People who are affected by the floods are mostly farmers, workers who earn their wages according to the daily production. The floods have severely affected the agricultural sector.

To provide basic utilities on an urgent basis:

Vital essentials like food, water, and medicines are required to be provided to survivors immediately to avoid famine-like situations.

To provide help to the animals:

Kaziranga National Park has many rare animal species. As 85% of it is under water, immediate efforts are needed to help rescue those animals.

The government will likely release funds soon but as a society, it’s our responsibility to come forward and help the affected ones. The collected amount will be transferred to the Dhubri Lions Club fund. Let’s come forward to help the society in this unprecedented time of disaster. Any donations for the fundraiser however small or generous, are bound to make a difference to people in need.

Crowdera is a completely free fundraising platform and does not charge any platform fees. All donations made would go directly towards the cause. 


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Nearly 43 lakh people across 30 of the state's 33 districts have been affected by the floods so far. Dhubri is one of the worst affected.
The rising water level of the Brahmaputra river is threatening to submerge parts of the state capital, Guwahati, through which it flows.
As many as 83,000 people evacuated from flooded areas have been accommodated in 183 relief camps across the state.

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