We are raising funds to record our first EP, a collection of 8 songs.

Easy Wanderlings is a journal, that contains several memories about the times when simple conversations made us laugh, cry, and jump with joy. It contains feelings felt while spending quiet evenings with forests, or friends…….. and of adventures had sitting on sides of roads sipping chai. An amalgamation of ambient pop, soul and folk, our easy listening music started off in mid-2015. We released 4 singles at different points of the year.

A good year it turned to be. We’re fortunate to have performed at several major venues in the country be it small cafes, rooftops, open fields under sunny skies or starry nights. The highlight of 2016 was definitely our performance at the NH7 weekender in Pune to a wonderful audience.

We have big plans for 2017 as we are all set record our debut EP, ‘As written in the stars’. A collection of 8 songs, it include reworked versions of the 4 singles we had earlier released and 4 new songs.

Please listen to our music if you haven’t already and if by some bizarre chance you are moved by our music and that you see potential in our work of art, we request you to help us in our attempt to make this first step possible.

We have already begun the recording sessions at Gray Spark Studio in Pune and a big portion of our savings have already been used for the project. The lovely folks there have given us the option to pay them in timely installments since we are an indie project.

We need your support to help complete this process faster and without having to cut corners due to lack of funds. Your contribution will be solely used for

  1. Recording, mixing and mastering at the studio (65%)
  2. To pay remuneration for musicians that help us in the creation (10%)
  3. For promotion (25%)

We can’t wait for you to listen to this EP as it is a major step for us to showcase the diversity of our sound, share our stories and lay our mark in the world of music.

We want to thank you all for your support. Feel free to share the page and help us reach our goal.

Easy Wanderlings


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It is our major step for us to showcase the diversity of our sound, share our stories and lay our mark in the world of music.
We got talent, material and the determination to go all the way.
No more 'jugaad' recording sessions. We need to do this professionally and it will cost us money. We want to this the right way.

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