HYGENOX- Do Your Bit To Save Water

HYGENOX- A device that simplifies rainwater harvesting and needs nothing to be done on your part.

HYGENOX- A device that simplifies rainwater harvesting and needs nothing to be done on your part.

We are a team of 3 mechanical engineering graduates from West Bengal needing funds to start our entrepreneur journey. We have come up with a very innovative solution of harvesting rainwater which will not require anything from your part. Just install and forget. HYGENOX works automatically.

We all know how important it is to save water but we can't step up to do so since harvesting requires too much to be changed and taken care of from our part.

By the way, just to let you all know, Rainwater is the purest form of water so purifying it for daily use is much easier than purifying stagnant water from lakes or flowing water from rivers. It is only the impurities that get mixed up with the rain as it falls down from the clouds and reaches Earth. The rain is called "acid rain" because of the pollutants that are released into the atmosphere due to human activities get mixed up with the rain when it falls down.

Our product HYGENOX aims to purify this rainwater and provide at least usable water if not drinking water.

We already have a prototype that we are working on. It is simple to install, requires less space and works automatically. It does not require any separate water tank and can be installed on already existing water tanks. It will come with an intelligent cutoff mechanism so that your water tank does not receive more water than its capacity.Once you install it, on an average its life would be easily 6-8 months with no or minimum maintenance. Of course the service life depends on how much rainfall the area receives. But be rest assured, whenever there is rainfall, HYGENOX will work for you. What happens after the purifying capability is degraded? You simply contact us and we change the filters and you are good to go!

The only thing we lack is funding due to which we are stuck and can't proceed further. To do all this we require a funding of around Rs. 20 lac to set things in motion. Our idea was selected among the Top 400 startups in SMART FIFTY, a national level competition organised by IIM Calcutta and DST, Government of India. You can visit the website https://www.smartfifty.com to know more. Unfortunately we couldn't climb up the ladder since we lacked practical proof of our product.

We really want to contribute towards the society as engineers and we also have other groundbreaking ideas which we can't share at this moment since we do not have patents for any of those. We need your help and support to change the way we think about our future and Mother Earth.

Please help us to convert this dream into reality and we assure you of a better future.

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