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How the crowdfunding process works from creating a campaign to achieving your goal.



Set Your Funding Goal

Decide how much you’d like to raise for your cause and how long to run your campaign. We suggest your campaign to be at least 30 days, but it cannot exceed 90 days. Of course, the length of your campaign and how much you plan to raise all depends on your team and the fund raising activities of your organization. Think realistically, but don’t be afraid to think big!

Build your campaign page

Share your ideas and engage with supporters of your cause. Post a description of your campaign, the beginning and end dates of your campaign, and your funding goal. Include content like pictures and video to make your page pop! Get started here.

Include video

Tell the story of your campaign with a short video. Crowdfunding campaigns which include a video are 50% more successful! We suggest your video be no more than 3 minutes long. Whether you’re filming with a digital camera or a smartphone, videos that make a connection with the passions and interests of your audience can help you meet your goal.

Add perks

Express your gratitude to your supporters with perks. They can be as simple as two free tickets to a school sponsored event or an original piece of student artwork. Your perks should closely match the contributions to your campaign. The average contribution is $70, but the most common is $25.

Appoint a Chief
Enthusiasm Officer

Keep up the momentum of your campaign with a CEO, who actively engages with your campaign supporters through email, social media and campaign updates. Campaigns with more than 25 updates have raised upward of 400% more funding! Frequent updates keep your supporters informed and excited about your cause, which is key to a successful campaign.

Reach out to
family and friends

Get your loved ones involved with your campaign! Spread the word about your fundraising efforts by reaching out to your networks and sharing your campaign on social media outlets and via email! Don’t be shy! One of the reasons that crowdfunding campaigns are so successful is that they have been shared across various geographies and reach a wide audience of contributors.

Add Milestones

Add updates to your campaign regularly. Campaign updates are automatically emailed to your contributors, followers and teams. They trust and believe in you and your cause; adding updates is a good way to keep in touch with them and keeping them informed about the progress of your campaign.

Team Up

Add teams to your campaign to multiply your results! Each of your team members can help you gain momentum on your fundraiser by telling their individual story, adding their own perks, and sharing your fundraiser with their networks.

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More advice for setting your funding goals, creating a great campaign video, and marketing your campaign can be found on our blog along with other useful tips for success. Take a look!