Contribute as much as you can to support the neglected and socially vulnerable community during the pandemic.

As the nation is gradually coming out of Covid-19 lockdown, several members of the transgender community said the livelihoods of hundreds of transgender people remain disrupted, with many struggling for their daily needs. Many are worried they will be thrown out by landlords if they are unable to pay rent. And transgender people who are HIV-positive are complaining about difficulty in accessing critical medicines. With no savings to their name, transgender individuals would have to find some way to survive this pandemic which may push them further to the margins.

The transgender community, most of whom are daily-wage earners feel stranded and impotent without any income. The lockdown has made it impossible for them to continue their daily work of “Basti Badhai” and left those who relied on begging in a worse situation. For most who are disowned by their biological families, going back home is also not an option.

COVID-19 attacks people who have low immunity power. Especially HIV patients are more vulnerable to COVID-19 because of less immunity. Joblessness and mental health have become a question of worry for many. Already down with society’s behavior towards the transgender community, the COVID-19 pandemic has made things even worse for them.


To ease the pain of the community, Sarathi trust, based out of Nagpur is working relentlessly. Sarathi trust has been actively working for the betterment of the LGBTQ community in Nagpur. From arranging the Pride Rally to financially supporting them, Sarathi trust has supported the community in every possible way. With the help of Humsafar Trust and other patrons, Sarathi trust is providing ration kits since the beginning of lockdown in April, many transgender persons have been benefitted from this. There are hundreds of transgenders living in and around Nagpur city. Sarathi trust is making sure to reach out to them and help them with ration kits and other necessary amenities. 

The relief work is continuously underway without any pause, but the lack of funds is slowing it down. There are many persons from the transgender community who are still far away from the help and are struggling to get even a one-time meal. Therefore, the Sarathi trust is looking to society for help. The relief work shall continue and many needy persons can be benefited if the more funds get available. Sarathi trust is hopeful that the society will come forward and help generously to the transgender community during this unprecedented time.

Things are yet to become normal in Nagpur, until then the transgender community will remain vulnerable to financial distress. The money contributed will be used to procure ration kits and essential medical supplies for HIV patients, and will be distributed in Nagpur’s transgender community. Every penny donated will be utilized for the betterment of the community during this hard time.

Contribute as much as you can to support the neglected and socially vulnerable community during the pandemic. Your small contribution will help them reduce the distress around them and will make the pandemic bearable.

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4 lives have changed as a result of donors' support.

Many of them are poor daily wagers, pandemic has snatched their only financial source.
Support the rights of the trans community irrespective of their gender as they are humans too.
The transgender community is the most vulnerable to the pandemic in Nagpur, therefore society’s support is very much needed.

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