Sanjay Raj Lanka, my husband and DBPC alum, has aplastic anemia, a serious bone marrow disease. Please help us fund his treatment.

One of our dear brothers from Don Bosco Park Circus, Sanjay Raj Lanka, has been battling aplastic anemia for a while now. This very serious  illness affects the bone marrow and prevents production of platelets. As you can probably guess, the illness has extracted a heavy toll on Sanjay, both physically and financially.  He’s had to battle multiple infections, have numerous transfusions, and take medications that have wreaked havoc on his body. Therefore, the last couple of months have been a difficult struggle for Sanjay and his caregivers. Now Sanjay is at a point where the doctors are recommending immunosuppressant therapy, which has shown success in the treatment of the disease; however, the road ahead is financially and physically onerous. While most of us cannot ease Sanjay’s physical burdens, we can, however, contribute in whatever small way towards mitigating his financial worries. Therefore, we (Shanta Raj and members of the DBPC batch of 1990) have started this Crowdera account for Sanjay, and all contributions will go directly to him and his treatment.

If you know Sanjay, you’ll remember that there is hardly anyone among us who cherishes the DBPC experience as much as he does. Years after we all graduated, found jobs, had families, or moved far away, Sanjay would seek out the people he grew up with, call them up or email them, and then, if he could, meet with them. At these meetings he exuded a joy and delight that could only be described as unwavering; the hardness of adulthood and its disappointments had never taken from Sanjay the genuine treasure that he felt was his school years. He was the few among us who actually seemed to truly understand the value of our experience at DBPC, and he made sure to remind us of this every time we met him. He was truly a brother. Now let us all try and be a brother to him. Let’s keep him safe. 

Please contribute whatever you can spare (donations can be anonymous) and however you can. Finally, please help to spread this message to the larger DBPC community.

Thank You.

Mimi Raj (Sanjay's Wife) & DBPC Class of 1990

Shanta Raj


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Help Sanjay pay for his treatment and recover.
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