Good Samaritan Trust

Good Samaritan Trust was started by A. I George Rakesh Babu. The first free clinic started helping the patients by taking them to the hospital. It was initiated in 2008, and took a small room, and kept sick patients and took care of them. Finally, it slowly turned into a ‘Welfare Centre’ and then a fully-fledged ‘Destitute’ home. A formal TRUST was registered in the month of March 2011 with co-founders Sunita George and Yesukala.

Good Samaritans are a very small group of people who are hands-on in this activity. Medically trained, they also provide basic care and run a small free pharmacy as well. They formed a formal trust in March 2011, so as to organize their effort and seek help for their activity. The good Samaritans have taken in around 300 abandoned, old, sick, or dying destitute to date from the roads. The people who get well go back to their families. Few of them stay back and help with the running of the home. Mr Rakesh teaches those who stay back to dress the wounds and change diapers of older adults. Some are responsible for cooking the meals. The good Samaritans is an absolutely profit free organization that aims to rescue people and take care of them absolutely for free.
Their shelter homes are currently present in,

Dundigal (Home for the Mentally Ill)

Disabled (Dying Destitute People)

Bahadpally (Shelter Home for the Female)

Bahadurpally (Transit Home for the Homeless)

Deenbandhu (Rehab Center for the Homeless People) - Jangoan District

Utkarsh (Mentally Disabled People) - Dundigal

We are currently serving a number of 170 residents. Apart from this the good Samaritans also engages in social awareness activities and are planning to expand their services to many parts of India. To make an impact in society by helping helpless elderly abandoned poor citizens by providing them Food, Shelter, Clothing.
The most Important Challenges to providing diapers for them to keep them clean and dry and hygienic, enabling to live with hope a caring compassionate atmosphere, at our Shelter Home. 2. Challenge is to perform their last rite with due respect as per their religion their belief is a costly affair as there is no support from the government.  It is cost-effective and convenient than traditional fundraising, all the funds raised go towards the cause.

We are providing all activity details to the donor which is transparent to them to review our work, giving hope to the hopeless; restoring humanity is what we believe.



4 lives have changed as a result of your support.

To make a impact in society by helping helpless poor people by providing them Food , Shelter

Save the life ; Elderly Abandoned Restore respect towards Elderly in India.
Medicine for elderly
Restore Humanity, Help the least powerful citizens.