Crowdera is going green. Supporting abundance for humanity & the life on this planet.

Identifying itself as a Green Sustainable Enterprise, Crowdera has decided to #goGreen starting 2019 with a commitment to have a minimal negative impact on the environment, community, society, economy and the life on this planet. With a promise of building progressive environmental, human and animal rights policies, Crowdera will partner and support organizations and individuals that align with our sustainability mission.

Crowdera has been built on the principle and fundamental beliefs that Abundance in any form Starts with Giving. To lead by example, as a green sustainable enterprise, Crowdera promises that it will strive to meet it’s unique quadruple bottom line commitment. We derive meaning for our quadruple bottomline in our support for the life on this planet including all humans & animals, the environment and the economy. Crowder promises that:

  1. It will commit to environmental, human and animal rights principles in its sustainable business operations.
  2. It will incorporates principles of sustainability into each of its business decisions.
  3. It will supply environmentally friendly products or services that replaces demand for non-green products and/or services, wherever possible.

In an attempt to strengthen the promise of going green while supporting causes aligned with it’s mission, any fundraising or donating or giving entity or initiative that violates the user conduct guidelines and our GoGreen policies will not be eligible for any services from Crowdera. To know more about Crowdera’s user conduct guidelines and list of forbidden activities on Crowdera digital properties and business, please visit the terms of service page.