Operating as several independent community nonprofit projects, this Giving Economy movement began during mid 2009 in Silicon Valley, California as the NoPay Startups Workshops where hundreds of entrepreneurs found their vision and learned strategies to launch their product companies without capital. The movement continued in several forms and projects and is today shaped up as Crowdera Foundation. Crowdera Foundation is registered in India as a Section 8 Company, as a not for profit foundation dedicated to helping changemakers achieve their giving economy goals.

Crowdera Foundation is today best known for its movement called Giving Economy and the GEC conference, festivals, awards that celebrate the convergence of the social enterprise, startup, philanthroper, nonprofit, corporate, media, film, and music industries.


Abundance means plenty, or a very large quantity of something and in today’s world primarily it refers to money. The word money is defined by the word currency derived from a Latin word meaning “to run or flow.” Like a river, the life energy, be it money or product or service or anything for that matter, must keep flowing, otherwise it begins to clog and stagnate. Circulation keeps this life energy alive and vital. If we stop it’s circulation, if our intention is to hold on to our money and hoard it, we stop its circulation back into our lives. This law is applicable to humans and businesses equally.

The businesses & people mentioned above knowingly or unknowingly followed this principle and created abundance of everything around them. This universal principle where abundance is triggered by a giving phenomenon, if imbibed in our lives and in our businesses, we will conceive rather discover a new economy, a Giving Economy, where Abundance Starts with Giving.

Giving Economy Conclave is such an initiative that will act as an yearly milestones for the people and organizations trying to bring this Giving Economy.

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