Features & Tools

Crowdera’s mission is to provide the best crowdfunding experience for Causes, Emergencies & Dreams, and that too absolutely & truly free! On Crowdera platform fundraisers can create visually compelling stories; publish & share with their global communities; engage fundraising teams; and collect money directly in their bank or PayPal accounts absolutely free. Crowdera does not ever dip into donor dollars and never collects any fee from the fundraiser (campaign owner, project creator) and nor from the donor.

Unlike other platforms claiming to be free, Crowdera does not seek voluntary donations of contributors or rely on any kind of tips from donors.

Here is what sets Crowdera apart from other crowdfunding platforms

100% Free Fundraising with No Donor Dipping

Crowdera is the only platform that is absolutely and truly free and does not dip into donor dollars. Unlike other platforms claiming to be free, Crowdera does not seek or rely on any kind of tips or voluntary donations of contributors.

Simple Setup & Intuitive, Customizable Campaign Creator

You can personalize and share your Crowdera Campaign in practically no time. Crowdera has one of the most intuitive & feature-rich campaign story editors out there! Beautify your campaigns with rich text, images, audios, videos, infographics, and more to build visually compelling campaigns! Add your story, build some perks, choose your payment method, and you're good to go!

Mobile Friendly Campaign Creation & Donation Tool

Crowdera’s fundraising campaigns and donation websites responsive and look great on Mobile as well as Desktop. This makes it extremely easy & simple to launch a campaign or donate right from your phone!

Comprehensive Social Sharing Tools Almost on every page of crowdera campaign you will have multiple options for sharing on almost all social media platforms. You can also create a custom link so that your campaign is listed at a readable, informative web address!

Add Fundraising Teams

Crowdera is the pioneer in team fundraising software and supports two level deep network effect. Small and large groups can raise money together without hassle of managing multiple campaign while building more trust with donors as funds directly reach the primary fundraiser’s bank accounts.

Multiple Campaign Admins

It can be very helpful to have more people to manage your campaign for tweaking the story, adding updates, managing your fundraising teams, send receipts, communicate with donors and more. With Crowdera, you can easily add Admins to your Crowdera Campaign.

24/7 Expert Customer Success

Crowdera’s dedicated customer success officers are always ready to help you with practical anything to make your fundraising campaign succeed.

Send Updates Anytime

You can share updates about your campaign status or help you need practically from anywhere, any time you want. Compose your update and just post it to automatically send updates to all of your followers.