To ensure Free Hospitalisation

Hello every one, we are from the great civilisation and from a place of Bhardwaj Muni, the great son of Bhagwan Shri Brahma ji, yes your are right, this is the holy place and most sacred place of triveni sangam and the kumbha city- Prayagraj, where the largest samagama of sanatana dharma occurred after every twelve years.
It is the matter of fact that this is the oldest city on earth.
see the irony, I am going to ask you for donation from the holy place which is continuously giving peace, prosperity, divine rewards, practice of religion and the way of salvation apart from the physical things like shelter, food and security in every  Kumbha and even in Magh Mela every year.
Now come to the main point, myself Mandan Srivastava aged about twenty one years along with Shri Dinesh Kumar and Shri Rakesh Gupta, has started a social venture of elder care. we are committed to ensure elder care services to every senior citizen at their doorstep. Our tagline is ' let's begin a new way of life where every elder can enjoy healthy long life with comfort joy and care. You can see our work at our website. you can refer any senior citizen living in Prayagraj.
During our interaction with senior citizen, it was revealed that most of them are not able to lead normal life because of diseases, poor financial conditions and lack of family support.
Due to urbanisation, financial disparity and nucleus family, most suffered person is elder member of family.
Most of the senior citizen are not having financial freedom. they are dependent on their children.
A large number of people are employed outside, so their parents are alone.
Due to heavy traffic and growing density of cities, people are searching solution by which patient can be hospitalised with in golden hour. The best solution which we identified is bike ambulance. It is 60 to 80% cheap and its operational cost is negligible.
one bike ambulance can serve 4 to 6 patients in a day. So it can roughly serve 1460 to 2190 senior citizen per year. This way by your small but valuable donation can save life of nearly 2000 elders in a year. Apart from helping others your donation can earn number of blessings for you. 
Undoubtedly blessings can yield as much you wish.
So stay blessed. This way we decided to give back to the society, what we have taken from it. We are some how very conscious about blessings, but do not worry we assure you we shall pass each and every blessings to you.
So have a good day, have a pretty life with your family and community.
Every kind donation always bounce back with dividends. this is my personal experience.
At the end not the least,
Remember one gram self experience is always more authentic than tonnes of argument and logic.
So keep experiencing by donating for a cause.
Jai Hind Jai Bharat
Mandan Srivastava


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2 lives have changed as a result of donors' support.

It moral and social obligation for every people to give back to the society.
Every elder has right to live with full respect and medical facility at their doorstep.
Society has to honour every elder by providing them basic aminities