Coronavirus lockdown has led to affecting the lives of daily wage earners in ways unknown. Please help us put food on their plate!

Lakhan Salunkhe, a construction site helper migrated to Pune from a remote village of Marathwada earns up to 500 Rs. on a daily basis. Now, he is struggling to fulfill his basic needs due to the ongoing lockdown amid Covid19 outbreak. There are many daily wage workers like him from those working in restaurants to those making a living by ironing clothes in the neighborhood finding it difficult to make ends meet.

With India coming to a standstill and its citizens enclosed themselves indoors to prevent the spread of Covid-19 any further, the informal economy is on a verge of collapse. More than 90% of the country’s workforce is estimated to be in the informal sector. The Economic Survey 2017-2018 had said that 87% of the firms in the country, representing 21% of total turnover, are purely informal, outside both the tax and social security nets.(Mint)

Why you should donate?

Government relief efforts are helpful, and some businesses are continuing to pay their workers for an allotted period of time, but many have been left out without any income guarantee.Amid no work in hand, daily wage workers are finding it difficult to manage basic need of food for their family. Lack of food may result in famine so they need immediate relief to pay for food and other basic needs. 

This how Crowdera aims to help those in need with your donation-

Rs. 500 - Food essentials for a family of two for one week

Rs. 1,000 - Food essentials for a family of four for one week

Rs. 5,000 - Food essentials for a family of 4 for one month

Just like us rather more than us, labour class is affected and vulnerable to the pandemic. As they are not able to pay for basic needs like food, sanitisers and masks are luxury for them. Your contribution will help us give them basic Medical Kits (50ml sanitiser + Washable Mask + Immunity boosting capsules + Information brochure) which will help them fight the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic.

This how Crowdera aims to help those in need with your donation-

Rs. 250 - Medical kit for 1

Rs. 450 - Medical kit for 2

As many workers have lost their jobs or are being sent on unpaid leave, it has become difficult for them to bear expenses like bills, fees, etc. You can sponsor a family and help them bear monthly expenses until they get back to work 

This how Crowdera aims to help those in need with your donation-

Rs. 10,000 - Support a family of 4 for a month

Rs. 20,000 - Support a family of 4 for 2 months

Rs. 40,000 - Support a family of 4 for 4 months

India’s informal sector is the backbone of the economy. It employs the vast majority of the work force, and the formal sector depends on its goods and services.The nation’s quality of life depends on the masses of informally employed people. They are going through a tough phase, let’s make it a little smooth for them. 

As someone has rightly said,“When a problem in community arises, be the first to volunteer.” Contribute and be a part of this noble cause for the society, by the society.

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