Why Is Instagram Story Viewer Anonymous So Famous?

Social media is becoming more beneficial to people today.

Social media is becoming more beneficial to people today. Instagram is certainly one of those programs. Everyone is using Instagram regularly in order to upload about small moments of their lives, allowing them to capture even those tiny lovely details, all in the of either photographs or videos, through the Instagram stories. One disadvantage of Instagram stories, though, is that they no longer ultimately become invisible immediately after 24 hours. In case the time comes when you wish to revisit the memory you published, you will not find them.

Download Instagram Stories for the Whole Day

The following guidance will let you save a day’s worth of stories within a Instagram story video. For future uses, this video will be available. Though the stories are merged in a single video and not in individual clips, it’s still better than not having a duplicate of them. A little of your time may be needed in viewing for the part you only require due to the merged clips. However that needs to be outweighed by the idea that you have a copy than not getting one.


The 1st step in downloading the stories of a day is tapping your own story icon which is on the top left corner of your Instagram feed. 3 dots can be found on top of your screen. Many choices will be shown if that is clicked. Tap MORE option then pick the SAVE option so that you can finally download your story. Render time will be needed before you can see the video in your camera roll.


Separately Download Instagram Stories Clip by Clip

This strategy is the exact opposite of the above approach. Unlike the previous approach, here, you have the freedom of saving a specific part of your Instagram Stories. For instance, this could mean saving just a single selfie or just your favorite moment instead of downloading every single post that you created for the whole day. These 2 strategies have almost similarities on how to do it. The only difference lies in what option to pick when downloading the story. Here, instead of tapping the "Save Story" option, you will have to tap the "Save Video". You will then get your one clip saved in your Photos or Camera Roll.


Downloading Stories Using Other Instagram User's Account 

Whatever reasons why you want to download Instagram stories of someone else's account, that is not our concern. The whole procedure for this is simply simple for you will just make use of instagram online viewer. The mechanics about how these site work are similar. Therefore it will be just a matter of picking which one works right for you.

How to use a third party site for downloading

Open your preferred third party site and make sure to check the kind of info it requires. Then make sure to prepare it, whether it is the username or direct link and paste it on your browser. You will be asked to choose which of the Instagram Story moments you want to save. As the clip is tapped, hover over it and also right-click to see the Save Link As option. A copy of it will be saved to your computer system for future functions.

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