To develop scientific approach in the society by various programmes.Awareness about health by Health literacy,Health education.

Arogya Prabodhini is a voluntary organisation in Gadchiroli Dist.of Maharashtra,India established in year 2002 with the objective of Health education with special reference to people's participation and traditional health,Adolescent education,Tobacco control, Deaddiction motives.

Since 2015,we launched a program of capacity building and a meet of traditional health healers.

Traditional health healers i.e. Vaidus are the backbone of Indian Culture.At the remote and remotest part of  rural areas  Vaidus are functioning for the treatment of different diseases by the traditional knowledge.Ancient Indian system of medicine is very old and fulfilled. As the limitations of Modern Medical Science has becoming cleared,entire world is seeing Ayurveda as the Holistic Health approach with many hopes.So,we should see with great positivity  towards the knowledge of the Vaidus who kept the entire system flowing from generation to generation by only verbal methods and teacher-disciple tradition (Guru-Shishya parampara).Even where the government health facilities are  not reached,Vaidus are treating the ailments.So,our organization is working for the capacity building of the Vaidus  by empowering with medical skill and updating the knowledge.

Vaidu’s work are complementary to Biodiversity.They never diminish the plants.They conserve the forest with their different rituals.Our aim is to produce the stage for these healers.To make them aware and empowered.To bring them in the mainstream of science.To take support for registering in the Biodiversity process.



12 lives have changed as a result of your support.

TRADITIONAL HEALTH HEALERS will come and share the ideas of traditional healing which is only verbal.

Traditional Health Healers meet is the unique work.
Traditional knowledge should be preserved.
To main-streaming the Health-healers.