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The best feature exhibited by Alpha Heater is its affordable price. It has been priced at extremely low rates and the company is offering ad

What is Alpha Heater?

Compared to other heater models, the Alpha Heater consumes 30 percent less energy. It’s a far cry from the days when ice-cold floors were the norm. Alpha Heater’s mechanism impressed our editorial staff. Personal heating is the primary function of most heaters. This is just one of the many aspects that deserve our attention. Is there anything else you’d like to discuss? We’ll get to the bottom of it when we review the full list of features.

Do you know what Alpha Heater’s features are?

Despite its small stature, the Alpha Heater packs a lot of power. Quite simply, to put it another way:

Lightweight and Small in Size

Heaters typically come in a 27.88-inch-long by 5.75-inch-high by 2.56-inch-deep size. It has a maximum weight of 7 lbs (3 kgs). When compared to the others, the Alpha Heater is slightly larger. The only thing consumers need to do is plug the Alpha Heater into a power outlet. Lightweight and compact, it occupies space that would otherwise be occupied by dirt and dust.

In order to keep your loved ones safe, there are

Alpha Heater has multiple overheat and anti-tip-over protections to ensure maximum safety. The heater will lower the temperature to 104 degrees Fahrenheit if the temperature exceeds 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Alpha Heater is activated if the temperature rises three times in a row. If the heater is overheated, the ambient air will be cooled for 30 seconds before the heating is turned off. Turning off the power supply is necessary.

Programmable Features and a Quick Heat-Up Time

Heats 350 square feet in less than 10 minutes with one Alpha Heater unit. You can set timers ranging from 0 to 6 hours and adjust the heat settings. Choose the heat level that best suits you. The Alpha Heater must be turned off after 6 hours of continuous use in order to prevent it from overheating.

Operation Silent is the name of the campaign.

The Alpha Heater’s design minimizes noise. The noise isn’t necessary. People will notice the difference in just a few minutes, according to the creators.

Efficiency in the use of energy

Your electricity bill is the most serious financial issue you can face. A huge relief, especially as winter nears. Reduce utility costs and keep energy-efficient performance intact with the help of Alpha Heater.

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Benefits of Alpha Heater

  • A sleek, contemporary style

  • This product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Products that use less energy are more environmentally friendly.

  • It takes just 2 minutes to heat the room.

  • A system that distributes heat in an even manner.

  • Fast-heating PTC ceramic heat elements

Why Choose the Alpha Heater?

Central heating systems and oil-filled heaters can’t compete with the Alpha Heater. The Alpha Heater uses a ceramic plate that is enclosed in a plastic body to heat up your home. Due to the fact that the plastic body is not heated by heat, it can be quickly assembled. It’s less likely that you’ll get a burn on your finger while moving it.

The timer function makes it easy if you forget to turn the device off. To supply hot air, you must press the safety kill switch on the back of the machine. When the device is dropped or lifted, the auto feature is activated by pressing the button in the middle.

Mold, Bacteria, and Unpleasant Smells are all fought off by Alpha Heater.

When your heater is on, has it ever given off a stale, musty odor? It is possible to overheat the heater’s coils due to mold and dust. This problem was solved by adding an antimicrobial filter to the Alpha Heater. Mold growth was prevented by using this device. Other heaters may emit unpleasant odors, which may also be contaminated with bacteria. Filters germs and dust from the air that passes through them.

How to Use Alpha Heater?

With 650W (low) or 1200W (high), the Alpha heater can heat 350 square feet.

To begin, this is the first step You can use a desk, table or nightstand to place the heater.

In order to ensure the safety of the device, make sure the safety button is pressed. There is no hot air coming out of the heater when it is turned off.

The top of the heater is controlled by three buttons. Adjusting the fan speed or setting the timer is an option.

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What makes Alpha Heater the best?

  • In 2-3 minutes, it warms the room.

  • Consistent heat is produced by an innovative heat convection system.

  • Rapidly and safely heated with the most recent PTC technology

  • Overheating and tip-over safeguards

  • All Orders Receive a 50% Discount.

  • Low operating expenses

Where & How To Buy Alpha Heater?

The Alpha Heater can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website. There are many options for consumers. Ordering more than one device is possible. Single-unit purchases are less expensive than multiple purchases.

The company is currently offering a 50% discount to customers.

Each Alpha Heater costs $49.95.

$47.45 for each of two Alpha Heaters = $94.91

It costs $134.87 for three Alpha Heaters at $44.96 apiece.

It costs $169.83 to buy four Alpha Heaters at $42.46 each

$199.80 for a total of five Alpha Heaters at $39.96 each

Customers can return Alpha Heater products within 30 days of purchase. To receive a full refund, customers can return Alpha Heater products purchased within 30 days of purchase. The customer is responsible for all return shipping and handling costs.

Email or phone: Here’s how to get in touch with our customer service team:

Phone number: (866) 895-6759.

You can reach us at: [email protected].

United States of America: Alpha Heater 2345 Vauxhall Road, Union, NJ 07083

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Alpha Heater

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