Reskilling And Upskilling The Power of Giving

Empowering Non-profit and charitable organisations with Digital Tools and Fundraising Software

The pandemic has taken a tremendous toll on human life and economy and has made an impactable effect on charitable organizations all around the world. This impact has deeply affected the services and assistance which these non-profitable organisations provide to save mankind with the power of giving.

A large percentage of charities and NGO’s  are at risk of losing their voluntary income because of the coronavirus pandemic. In such a scenario, solutions are unlikely to come from past experiences or best practices hence Crowdera is taking an initiative to bring revolution in the world of charity by helping these organisations to sustain in the market for longer and to the better time.

Over the years and collectively, NGOs have made an important contribution to humanity. Civil society, voluntary and non-government organisations of all sizes and shapes provide essential support services to resolve global issues such as  unemployment , healthcare, human rights, animal rights, social justice, poverty, hunger and so on. They are one of the frontliners who are fighting against covid pandemic.

Across the globe, the government imposing limitations on citizens has crushed the financial stability of both people and organisations, it’s no surprise that civil societies and NGO’s are struggling to survive. There’s a sharp fall in voluntary income, and NGO’s are unable to deliver services, with many organisations under threat of closure. So, with such a potentially rocky road ahead it’s necessary to have better understanding and planning to redesign charities and fundraising.

  • Change in tools and development of organisation can enhance organizational skills to deal with complex contexts of social demands.

  • One can take advantage of the present crisis by being adaptable and flexible. 

  • It is necessary to involve public and private donors and regulators in analyzing changes in operating conditions and the short-term viability of established objectives.

  • It’s necessary to put your organisation’s finances under the microscope. 

  • Look at what your fixed costs are, including delivery of services, and then compare them against your projected income.

The easy move for the NGO’s and Charitable Organisation is to convert their  fundraising campaigns into online ones. Though digitalisation is not a smooth shift: many organisations are not technology-savvy and are not prepared to engage in online activities. However, with the help of Crowdera many NGO’s and charitable organisations  have rethink their outreach strategy and engaged them in the long- term digitization process.

The biggest issue is not digitalization itself, it’s rather about the mindset. 

Crowdera helps fundraisers to run free of cost campaigns with 100% transparency. The collected fund will directly go to the campaigner’s account and they are free to discard the campaign anytime. That means no inventory, no upfront costs, and the flexibility to customize your program’s fundraiser. Your charity no longer needs to worry about lacking the tools and skills to take your digital confidence to the next level.

With a digital strategy prepared and making use of proper digital tools, charities can set up their goals to track and use gathered data to amend their digital strategy. It also provides the opportunity for charities to be more dynamic, reacting in real-time to events and disasters that they would normally be trailing behind to support offline.


  • We help charities in developing extensive fundraising strategies which could not just guide them to get their organisation back on track but also can also help enhance their vision. 

  • Digital Transformation by providing them with a free fundraising website with receipt compliance tools. 

  • Help defining the short and long term objective of the campaign.

  • Help in designing the framework of the campaign with clear objectives that work at both the strategy and execution level.

  • Providing the real time follow ups.

  • Deliver purpose driven strategies that remain agile in times of crisis.

  • Help engaging other partners and angel donors to amplify resources and impact.

  • Provide Fundraising Literacy Program in which we have analyzed all possible changes charities could face in this post pandemic decade. 

  • SDG Awareness program to help them align their causes with relevant UNSDG to get discovered by a global audience and also to help the organizations contribute towards achieving the SDGs. 


During this pandemic the world would have collapsed if charities and good humans have not come to rescue. We want to empower these charities to achieve sustainability in fundraising so they can keep doing their good work. 


We do not take any cut or commissions from donors and fundraisers. Payments are securely made via PCI compliant payment processing partners of the fundraiser.

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A WHO survey reveals that almost 48P of surveyed have seen a decline in voluntary income since the outbreak began with an increase in demand
Charities and Non-Profit Organisations are the backbone of our society hence its necessary to keep them up floating
Government Programmes can not dedicatedly work at root level hence NGOs and local community charitable funds are the first aid for society