An effort to save lives of organ failure patients, and concerned families from being ruined.

This real story is about my younger brother SUMIT who passed away at a very young age of 22 years due to kidney failure. 

He used to ask me, "When will I get rid of this gruesome dialysis pain? For how long I have to bear this excruciating pain of needles piercing my body?". He used to feel sad due to his inability to attend college and lead a healthy youth life. Also, he was extremely worried not only about the healthcare costs but also about the never ending pain the whole family was going through due to his medical condition. He was quite concerned about my career too since I had to assist him 24x7. 

I used to motivate him that everything will be fine. In addition, I use to assure him to get a kidney transplant done soon so that he could lead a healthy life. However, something else was in store for him. On 16th Feb 2015 while returning from a routine dialysis session, Sumit suffered a cardiac arrest in the middle of a crowded street. Despite a considerable number of spectators, nobody extended a helping hand. Consequently, we could not reach the hospital on time, and SUMIT took his last breath in my arms. I vividly remember that scene till date. Sumit fought a constant and never-ending battle with his illness for 16 long years. 

Sumit's illness made me run from pillar to post and explore every possible treatment option available. In the process, I gained immense know-how about the healthcare system and its limitations. 

Sumit’s death shook me to the core and pushed me to a road less chosen, i.e. to initiate "Sumit Foundation", with a mission of HELPING THOSE IN NEED OF ORGAN TRANSPLANT.

In India each year over 10 Lakh people lose their lives to organ failure; families are destroyed, both financially and emotionally. Some lose their education, their jobs and mental peace.

To make SUMIT FOUNDATION achieve its goal, we need your whole-hearted support financially, socially or in any other way you think would make a difference.

We have encountered the following challenges associated with Organ Transplant:

  1. Lack of matching donor: No feasible/accessible solution available that connects the patient with the compatible donor.
  2. Inadequate organ transplant legal policyNo mechanism exists to streamline government policy among different states, making it almost impossible to connect donor-receiver from different geographies.
  3. Lack of infrastructurePatients and their families have to run from pillar to post for diagnosis, suitable doctors, facilities, etc.
  4. Education and awarenessThe patients are unaware about legal framework, diagnosis as well as treatment options associated with organ transplants.
  5. Transplant CostThe cost associated with organ transplants in private hospitals is highly exorbitant making it unaffordable for an average citizen.
  6. Post Treatment CareNo/limited emphasis on post-treatment care. Consequently, 60% of transplant patients lose their lives due to poor post-treatment care.
  7. Sustainability: No established initiatives available to make the patient/patient family self sustainable post expensive treatment.

Our Solution 

Considering the challenges stated, we have designed a comprehensive solution, addressing every aspect of the patient's need. It is easy to access and assist the patient and their families like a personal assistant at every step in the process of organ transplant. Key features follow:

  1. DONOR-RECEIVER-MATCH: Donor-receiver data on the app along with expert's opinion, would facilitate patients to donors from family, cadaver or swap transplant.
  2. MEDICO LEGAL DOCUMENTATION: Patients would share required information for for transplant through mobile, web, or ground team. The same would then be evaluated by experts. Any shortcomings would be addressed with the help of expert team.
  3. TIMELY DIAGNOSIS: the app along with field team would act as a bridge between patients and health care service providers to conduct diagnosis for assessing the organ failure intensity and real-time progress would be maintained in a centralized database.
  4. IVR SYSTEM: 24x7 hotline number provided to help potential patients incapable of using the app to get on board with us manually, via our admin panel.
  5. MOBILE CUM WEB APPLICATION: to enable patients requiring organ transplants to get on board with us plus, provide detailed information and current status of transplant journey to users.
  6. POST TREATMENT CARE: Team of experts would help facilitate post-treatment care by collaborating with various health care providers.
  7. REHABILITATION AND SUSTAINABILITY: Collaboration with skill development partners would assist the patient to get trained and become self-sustainable.
  8. FUNDING: We propose to follow a hybrid model, “Crowd + Government”, that would utilize the funds available via various Govt schemes plus raising funds via crowd funding campaigns backed by volunteer groups, through CSR efforts, etc. for needy patients.

Success Stories

Our Community: We at Sumit Foundation in our 12-year long journey of understanding the healthcare domain now is a community of 92K+ volunteers. You can see our activities by going through our Facebook Group Sumit Foundation “Jivandeep” (Note: Please, join the group to see the activities).

Our Team: selfless support from a team of 10 doctors and volunteers associated with us we have contributed to saving many lives in India.


  1. Awarded Youth Icon in 2018 by Chhattisgarh Govt.
  2. Think Raipur- Startup India program: Our solution was selected at 2nd position among 1000 participants from PAN India.
  3. We’ve been recognized by Assocham and Wadhwani Foundation - ET Now Leaders of Tomorrow.
  4. Our solution was presented at Israel, in 2018.

Currently, we are addressing about 10-15 major cases every month including those of organ transplant, burn and accidents. We are recognized and incubated by Government Incubation Centre [email protected], Raipur under Startup India program.

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Road Ahead:

Based on the proven model, we aim to address about 1000 patients requiring organ transplant, medical assistance, counselling, benefit from government schemes in the next 4-5 years. For the same, we require "Partners in Change”. This is so since we are in the process of setting up the following:

  1. One Touch Emergency: support call center to establish a direct connection with the needy and address the critical situation.
  2. AI Technology-based solution: support which offers a centralized solution for significant health issues such as organ transplant, one-touch medical assistance, and portal for emergency services. Which comprises of Technical and Medical,Research and Development &  Outreach and Deployment Teams
  3. Policy Advocacy: Organ transplant is a major challenge globally and requires a strong policy framework to target medical aid for organ failure as part of our advocacy model on a global level.
  4. Rehabilitation and Sustainability model: for specially-abled individuals and special assistance in education and jobs for patients undergoing organ failure treatment.

The challenge associated with organ failure is a global one which has impacted many families and individuals. In the coming times we are committed to creating an ecosystem of committed individuals who can contribute in saving lives and make the whole process of organ donation a seamless one.

In the current situation of COVID-19, transplant patients have to face numerous challenges as transplant surgeries has been postponed for indefinite time till the situation is under control.

Sumit Foundation believes your contribution can be a blessing for saving someone's life.

With Rs. 5000/- or more you can contribute towards saving the life of a person suffering from organ failure.

Chattisgarh Help Welfare Society through Project Sumit foundation will be supporting and addressing the problem of organ failure patients and improving the quality of healthcare and livelihood for people from marginal background or suffering financial setbacks from healthcare expenditure. 

Your contribution will be getting tax benefits as per 12-A and 80G.

In case you want more details, please connect with me at [email protected].

Come! Be a partner in Change!

-Ravindra Singh Kshatri

We do not take any cut or commissions from donors and fundraisers. Payments are securely made via PCI compliant payment processing partners of the fundraiser.

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10 lives have changed as a result of donors' support.

Be a life saver hero and assist in saving a life suffering from organ failure.
Be a beacon of change for improving the health scenarios.
We need your aid in eradicating the biggest global health problem. i.e. Organ Failure.