We are raising funds for skill development of unemployed but bright youth through training labs equipped with laptops, sewing machines. is a social enterprise.  A Society for the advancement of Moral Education and Nurturing of Youthful aspirations.

Our vision is to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. 

We are trying to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged by providing them free Education and Skill training.

What we do? 

1. Training on micro-entrepreneurship like stitching, sketching and nurturing them to produce  sale able items of basic necessity using recyclable materials
2. Skill development  & computer training to upgrade their career and make a higher income to earn a living and get out of poverty
3. Free education to make them literate and aware and Free coaching to prepare for competitive exams to achieve their dreams of a good job 

What Recyclable Items we Use?

The material used in stitching would be waste cloth thrown by cloth/designer industry by upcycling them & convert them into a usable item like a vegetable carry bag, mobile cover, doormat and school bags. 

Our Journey so far... 

While doing the ground survey, we at  found that most of the underprivileged children out of primary and enrolled even in class 6 were not able to write & speak basic functional languages like  English/Hindi. They were not able to solve easy math problems or basic arithmetic sums. Most underprivileged students drop out after class 4  due to the inability to learn or adapt. So we started providing quality education to these children for free. 

I have been running this institution out of my own pocket since past 6 months but am now facing cash crunch to bear recurring or running expense like rent, electricity bill & some stationery (pen pencil, notebook, rubber, books), I also require 4 laptops and 4sewing machines to provide training to youth. 

Why do we need to support this cause of Skill development in youth? 

As per ASER report 2018, only half (50.3%) of all students in Class V can read texts meant for Class II students. The report also showed the prevalence of learning deficit and the poverty of basic reading and arithmetic skills among students in Indian schools. 

In 2017, the World Bank said Indians born today are likely to be just 44% productive as workers, way below their Asian peers. That’s very shocking!

Fact: India is the 2nd largest population country that means we have one of the largest manpower but unskilled. We are lagging by our peers just due to the lack of quality & right direction education. We need to provide them with skill training with the basic concept of life like moral education & giving them the right direction so that they can utilise their life effectively & also can become part of India economy. 

The quality of the learning level bears directly on India’s future workforce, its competitiveness and the economy. India’s demographic dividend depends on the learning level of students.

If we will not act now then history will repeat again & even after 10 decades we will be at the same pace as now.

To bring the change we have to act & do accordingly otherwise, the problem we are facing with largest unskilled manpower will not be solved & Indian will remain “Developing country” not able to become a “developed country”.

Our Strategy:

Your support will help us to provide them with good & quality education. So, in future, they will earn a good salary & live a decent, secure & happy life.  :)

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The installation of computers to provide better learning methods to the students.
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