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Kidwai Memorial Girls’ Inter College is one of the principal educational institutions of Allahabad established in 1954. In the last six decades, the school has risen from the strength of 120 to 2000 girls, mainly belonging to disadvantaged Or socially backward communities and the school education grew from primary school to an Intermediate College. 


Our country has made considerable progress in terms of sending girls to school for primary education and it has uplifted the status of women on all fronts but the situation is yet to turn around completely. There are many niggling obstacles, especially in marginalized families, parents prefer their daughters to work in households rather than to send them to school and later they get married at a young age.  

Our Trust is working to eradicate these root issues and provide quality education to female children from disadvantaged or socially backward and weaker sections of society. We are doing our best to guide and encourage them for higher studies and professional lives.


Covid-19 has exposed us to an unprecedented challenge. Our school has been closed since the first wave of the pandemic and it probably won’t be able to open in near future. Even before Covid, the dropout rate of female students was very high, now this educational gap caused by Covid-19 could take away the chance of many girls to ever study again.

While we do try to provide study materials to students, there have been lockdowns on and off. Most of the students are unable to reach us and vice versa, leading to a physical communication gap between us and the students. Hence we have decided to adopt the digital learning route and shift to the digital platform. But again online education is also not feasible for most of the students as only 2% of these families have access to smartphones

With the absence of physical classrooms and proper digital infrastructure, it is hard to resume the studies of these girls.  As we charge very nominal fees to the students and most of them are studying for free, our institution hardly has any funds to fill this need.  


To embrace this digital transformation, we need to provide e-gadgets for both children and teachers so that we can continue providing quality education to our students. This school is the only source of education for the community and has helped thousands of children till now.   

We are currently planning to distribute smartphones to these children and also help them to get access to the internet for which we need your help. We also need to buy laptops for our teachers to ensure regular online classes with no disruption. 


Please do support our cause of educating girl children and empowering women by donating generously and sharing the information of our fundraiser with your friends and family. 

We and our dear children studying at the school will ever remain grateful for your generous help.

As we seek your cooperation, we assure you that your donations will be used for a wonderfully just cause. Your contribution, however big or small, will come in useful.

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6 lives have changed as a result of donors' support.

Digitally transform the girl school to give them access to education in pandemic.
Empower girls of the disadvantaged Or socially backward community.
Your support will provide smartphones to the students.