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With over 3.5M active covid cases in India as of May 6th, 2021, only over 162.5M Indians have been vaccinated. The journey is long and with more variants of covid being discovered every few weeks, it is time for India to brace itself and get ready to face the 3rd wave with much more planning and preparation. 

Although the pandemic and the second wave has crippled the healthcare and economic infrastructure of India, the spirit of Indians and the spirit of humanity cannot be affected by this virus. Entire humanity has come together to help the fellow human beings suffering from this pandemic. It is so wonderful to see thousands of organizations, charities and people coming together to offer help to India.

And to strengthen the spirit of humanity further, Crowdera’s has launched #GivingCounts, a global giving movement to help India fight this pandemic with the generosity of humans on this planet and thousands of organizations’ collaborative relief work. 

We appeal to every person on this planet in  personal or organizational capacity,  to help India fight this pandemic, because #GivingCounts. So join this movement with your generous support of time and money. 

#EveryDonationCounts,  #EveryShareCounts, #EverySmileCounts

Several hospitals are facing shortages of oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, hospital beds, drugs, and medical kits for frontline workers. Crowdera has tied up with NGOs who are working closely with the hospitals to provide them with life-saving medical equipment and drugs. 

The surge in the COVID-19 cases and subsequent lockdown has led to reduced economic activities, resulting in loss of livelihood of many people.
Your contribution will help us serve food and provide financial assistance to economically weaker sections of the society through organisations such as Akshaya Patra and ActionAid who have multiple kitchens and over 300 partner organisations working on ground for providing relief to millions of people.

Your contribution will help us empower smaller charities with digital tools to fundraise and promote themselves better. Small and Mid size charities are adversely affected by Covid19, most have shut shop and are hoping to receive grants from the Government in future to resume work.

We will train them on using simple digital tools, how link sharing works and how they can help their friends and family to donate on their donation friendly pages, all this with support from organisations like Head Held High, Elixir who are supporting thousands of charities and volunteers through different means.

Rural India lacks advance healthcare facilities. Telemedicine is one way to help rural India get better assistance and treatment advice, receive quick diagnosis and chance of being more often treated in their community. 

How do we help?

  • Providing funds to the organisations supporting telemedicine

  • Providing equipment and network connectivity to local healthcares.

For supporting approved charity projects, we have over 25+ highly vetted charity partners who are our eyes, ears and feet on the ground, dedicating their life to the covid relief work. We make grants to these charities to support the adversely affected beneficiaries and other humanitarian relief projects vetted by these charities, mentioned in this campaign. All Indian contributions are processed by our Indian charity and philanthropy partner, The ‘Crowdera Foundation’ (TCF), a registered 80G approved nonprofit organization. TCF issues the 80G receipts to all Indian Citizen donors and makes the grants for several projects mentioned in this campaign.

For supporting individual beneficiaries adversely affected by the pandemic, we have partnered with multiple corporate partners and community groups to identify and perform quick vetting of the beneficiaries. All such corporate and community driven relief initiatives for individuals supported by our generous non-Indian contributors. All such non-Indian contributions are processed by our US based fund facilitation partner Crowdera Inc. All such contributions are non-tax-exempt and are used to support adversely affected individual beneficiaries and private projects only.  

A transparent status report of the entire campaign will be shared via update on the platform after the campaign ends. 

It is a massive epidemic but we can make a change, by being together. India is one the first countries that provided global help to many countries to fight the pandemic and now it needs our help to save lives. 
Contribute as much as you can and share this campaign with your peers- remember every share can bring up to $10. You can also opt for monthly recurring donations to support a long-lasting impact.

All Domestic Donations are tax exempt under Crowdera Foundation.
All International Donations are not tax exempted and will be considered as individual gifts.

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We do not take any cut or commissions from donors and fundraisers. Payments are securely made via PCI compliant payment processing partners of the fundraiser.

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238 lives have changed as a result of donors' support.

As the healthcare system is overwhelmed, people are dying amid no medical support
Financially weaker sections need our support now
It is time to stand together and fight the pandemic.