The Disguise is a short film set in London. The film talks about the growing cultural intolerance and rampant racism around the world.

There is so much violence around identity today, its a word that makes me sad.

We are no longer sure who we are, we are uncertain about our cultural symbols, unclear about our choices, and often very confused about which identity we'd like the world to see.

This is a short film written by an Indian, to be directed by an Indian - in London, featuring Western actors. The breaking down of barriers and prejudices began at that very meta level. Can we reach out across borders and talk and tell a shared story? A story that lurks right under the skin of our large megalopolis hearts, our liberal upbringing, our tolerant and wide world view? A story that holds up a simple, clear and non judgemental mirror to our deep prejudices, our stereotyping of cultures and symbols and the inherent loneliness of identity that such boxing leads to.

After 23 years in radio, broadcasting and music programming, I have now branched out into the audio visual medium as well. In 2014 I quit my job as the National Creative Head of Radio Mirchi and started my own consultancy.

Recently I also launched my own production house: Riya Mukherjee Word Pictures. The Disguise is my script and also my maiden production venture. Due to the love and support of all the listeners of Riya's Retro I have had the courage to try and crowdfund this film.

The director is a wonderful film maker called Sandeep A. Varma whose feature film Manjunath received wide critical acclaim and several nominations and awards. His short film The Virgins has crossed 11 million views on youtube. His Facebook short: Indiatimes presents Baarish - crossed 400000 views in 4 days.

Sandeep and I are work collaborators and friends and I believe we share a resonance of values and ideology. If like minded people come together, then we can perhaps make a film that leaves a lasting impression and addresses itself to the growing concern of bias, prejudice and hatred around the world.

Riya Mukherjee


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This film is about an issue every single human being faces today - being seen with suspicion by somebody or the other
This film gives a very human relatable angle to a global problem - what is identity
The world needs more tolerance