Help us build a hostel for the poor children. Join us in reducing the child school dropout rate in these rural villages in West Sikkim

The need for a hostel:

Seven years ago, the teachers of Sikkim Himalayan Academy watched as a determined mother carried her 3 year old son down the mountain daily to come to school. Everyday she walked down for two hours to reach the school at 08:45 am. She waited patiently for more than 6 hours till school finished and then carried her son uphill again. The long and arduous journey specially in the monsoons did nothing to dampen her spirit. Finally the teachers hearts melted and Nima was taken into the school hostel. The small hostel barely has place to accommodate 30 students but our heart found place to squeeze in the little boy. Nima is now over 10 years old and has completed his primary education from SHA. This is the story for most of our hostelers.

Moreover many of the children come from houses where the environment seldom encourages the child’s studies. Books are thrown aside as the child either struggles to complete all work or rushes around playing in the forest. Parents return from a day of hard labor and seldom inquire about more than the childs’ general health.

If not for the presence of a hostel, many children would drop out of school and loiter around the forests. The residential school is the only way for the children of the villages to continue their education.

The School philosophy:

"You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you" - John Bunyan

This quote is the philosophy on which Sikkim Himalayan Academy (SHA) was started more than a decade ago. The school was set up in 2003, with a vision to impart quality education to children from remote and often neglected areas of Sikkim. The founders observed that several families in such areas either lacked the means to send their children to school or preferred the children helped with the daily chores at home, abandoning their education. SHA was thus conceptualized to seek out talented children from such backgrounds and provide them high quality education increasing their chances to attain a prosperous future. The school, nestled in a small village of Buriakhop in West Sikkim, had been providing quality education upto grade 5 for about 80 students.

Present Facility:

Children from remote corners of West Sikkim come to our school for a better quality of education. Our present hostel facility unfortunately is unable to accommodate more than 30 students at a time. Help us build a beautiful hostel that will match the beauty of these innocent children and let us open our arms and hearts out to more deserving children. The school hostel is a home for the children for over 10 months in a year and we wish for them to stay in a safe and healthy environment.

The Vision for a New Hostel:

The school and hostel require over 1 acre of land to build a new hostel . We envision a 2 floor structure with girls and boys located on separate floors. With this new hostel, we shall be able to accommodate over 210 children. A healthy environment is essential to keep the children happy and ready to learn now things everyday.

How you can Help:

We have earmarked a plot of land a local is ready to sell for just 15 lakhs. We urge you to contribute generously. Every small contribution helps. Any contribution big or small goes towards creating a brighter future for the children. There is no limit on the amount of money one wishes to donate.

We have created perks for large amounts of money and will thank you over social media or send you a handwritten message with the love of the children enclosed.

Do also share this link so it can reach out to a wider audience.

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118 lives have changed as a result of donors' support.

The new hostel will help the school shelter over 210 children. Currently we can only provide home to 30 hostellers.
In these rural mountains children dropout because travel specially during monsoons is difficult. Hostel helps reduce this dropout.
The hostel provides a safe environment for children from broken and disturbed families.