An attempt to present the LIVE participatory governance model successfully exemplified in a remote village Baghuvar in M.P., India.

Baghuvar has set an example of exemplary development and real Gram Swaraj. A team of social workers led by Maya Vishwakarma recently reached this village and saw the development. The work of the village is such that it is for certain a big news story on the lines of Ralegan Siddhi and Hivre Bazar. We wish to let people know about it and also know that it does not take some celebrity to endorse a Gram Swaraj Model. If we can inculcate the true feeling of Loving Your Motherland in the people, every village of India can become an Ideal Village as envisaged by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently in his Aug 15, 2014 speech. The film is written and directed by Pankaj Shukla. Sound N Clips Production is producing this film on a non-profit basis.

Plot Outline

This Documentary Films shall showcase some salient features of Ideal Gram-Baghuvar.

No Panchayat Election: This is very unique about this village that there was No Panchayat (Sarpanch) election after India's independence. Every time people choose their Sarpanch unanimously.

Effective utilization of government schemes: In this village, none of the government schemes fail because the villagers know how to effectively utilize government schemes for village development.

Underground Sewage & Water Harvesting: The village has underground sewage lines for years now. Villagers have connected these waste water pipe lines to an old well.Exemplary

Self Development: Baghuvar boasts of the highest number of Gobar Gas running plants in the state for a village.

Ghar Ghar Shauchalay: All the houses in this village have lavatories. There is also a common toilets complex which is made for the use if there is any social gathering in the village.

Green Village, Clean Village: Each and every corner of the Baghuvar village has turned green as if the entire village is a garden! There is no garbage and sanitation problem.

Education for All: Efforts of the villages have bore results in education also. The village now has a senior secondary school.

Spiritual Connect: In Ramayan Mandal of the village, Ramayan is recited every Tuesday and Saturday. From last 50 years, a Prabhat Pheri is held regularly at 5 am in which all villagers participate with enthusiasm.

Maya Vishwakarma


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