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Mother Earth's happyness lies in our Old generations' prosperities

Hi, I am from India, the country of diversified Cultures, Languages and Faiths etc. Our Elderly peoples have vast experiences in subjects including our Culture and studies etc. Their true experiences motivate us to serve to the mankind  every time in every means.
Last year, 2018 I started an initiative to motivate 28  men and women from different parts of South Odisha to attend World famous Grand Car Festival at Puri in Odisha. They were gathered at Raygada, a small town. They reached comfortably and safely at Puri on the day of Car festival. As per schedule they stayed one more day and departed to Raygada with great Memories. Stays in Hotel, Foodings, Travells etc everything was arranged by me. The whole programme was free of cost for them. I have a passion to make the Senior peoples happy. So the whole money I spent from my own savings. All of the attendees were very happy and satisfied in the Tour arrangement.
Their happyness and satisfaction  encouraged me to convene this kind of arrangements from time to time every year. This year, 2019 no programs could be accomplished yet due to some constraints. I have not arranged yet due to bussy schedules and funds' scarcities. But recently I decided to continue tour programs in a little bigger sense. So I started talking with different persons to support my cause. I planned the Tour programme by myself with guidance and inputs of other friends.
This time I am going to motivate 50 elderly man and women. Their journeys will start from Puri. They will travell Kedarnath, Badrinath etc including many more religious places. By God's Grace, Their whole journey will be fully comfortable and safe and more memorable. All will be free for our tourists. They will not need to pay for any Lodging, Boarding, Fooding or Travelling etc. After arrangement of funds, the whole Tour programme shall be scheduled and will be published here for your feed back.
At the beginning I have made a team of male and female volunteers to accomplish the programme. We all will be at the Travellers' disposal. Here, your support and wishes are solicited.

Your small Contributions / Donations can give our elders a big smile. Please Contribute / Donate and Share for the noble cause. Your Feed back is also essential for me. So please give me your suggestions and comments to improve the campaign.

We have small Offers for our contributors. Peoples of aged 50 or more will be considered for our Tour group. Our team's discretion will be final if more than given number of persons wanted to join.

If you pay INR 3000, then you or your chosen person can be *Eligible to join in our Tour group.


Peoples who contribute INR 60,000 or more can send 2 peoples of their choice to participate in the tour programe.

Peoples who choose to pay USD 690 or more can send 1 person of their choice to participate in the tour programe.

We have opened this offer for maximum 12 participants. 


So hurry and start Contribution now.


We do not take any cut or commissions from donors and fundraisers. Payments are securely made via PCI compliant payment processing partners of the fundraiser.

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Peace of mind
Old generation peoples are the generous and genious
Elders guide the youths properly